What’s in your heart?

We have gone to the very edge of darkness. And now we are on the journey back home. The return to Love.

What will we feel when we re-discover this Love? To the ego it feels like joy and ecstatic delight. Tears flowing down your cheeks. A deep sense of peace. Of belonging. The end of suffering. The end of separation. The return to the Oneness of all of life.

From that place of Oneness, you can vision. You can take that tireless well of inspiration and capture a vision of the desires of your own heart and soul. As the seed for your future, that vision is the beginning of the creation process itself. The first step in co-creation with life itself.


You have been here since the beginning, and you will also be at the end. For life is holographic over time and space. Where, in this picture, would you put the worries of this chapter of our human story? Where would the hurtful words of others land? You are bigger than any story or condition.

Yet we are here for you. For your story. For your experiences. Because the universe would be incomplete without you.

All of creation exists for the experience. How much time did the universe take to create that picture? The picture from your home in this universe?

No matter what the story, in the end, there is only the Light. Do not be afraid. And thrust in your sickle. Claim your role as a co-creator of our human experience.

You cannot do it wrong. You cannot do it all. There is always another moment. Like this one now. Where a new idea can be born in you. Like the birth of a star in this picture.

So what will it be? If you do not consciously choose, the karmic momentum of you will choose for you. Yet it is all on the table. You can own all of it. You can resolve the karma in your personal energy persona. You can purify your heart. You can erase any karma of the past.

It is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom of heaven. You will find it within you now.

Love to you in this day. Peace to you in this moment. And Joy to the world that we may rediscover our truth … together as One.

Love and Light,



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