Where are you going?

What are you looking for? You have arrived. You are perfect, whole and complete now. There is nothing to gain to “improve” your worth. Your Divinity is absolute. Without you, the universe would not be whole. Your existence is the evidence of your Divinity, as all consciousness comes from the One.

The Father and I are One … Now. The Mother and I are One. (Divinity embodies both the masculine and feminine.) Father God and Mother God are both within you now. The first step into duality was the root of all of creation. The first duality was into the Masculine/Feminine. All of creation has this fundamental aspect within it. And both of those (masculine/feminine) exist in you. As such, you have access to the root of all of creation within you now. That is how powerful you are!

How does that sit with you? How do you feel when you consider yourself as a very powerful personification of the Divine? Do not fret. Own it. There is immense grace to it. The fundamental principles of the universe are so elegant, so beautiful, that the power behind your Divine power is Love. Love. Love, by itself, has no cause. It allows all of creation to be as it is. This is such a gift.For we would not be allowed to have traveled so far into the darkness without that simple point. And that same principle allows for you to be the change.

To be that point of Divine presence that brings balance back to the whole. You, yes YOU, can embody the whole of the truth. As a point of presence in this holographic universe, all of creation can feel you. As you move more and more into alignment with your truth, you hold a reference point for others seeking to do the same.

Be authentic. We have been told that “righteous” living looks a particular way. Not so. The biker, the prostitute, the saint, and the sinner can all embody the truth. Heaven does not have a template. We are not all striving to embody a single idea of heaven. There is no single idea that will resonate as authentic within all 7 billion of us. Do as you choose. Wear your hair down … or fold it up. Play your music, your music, as you choose. Do you like it LOUD! Party on Bro! LOL. Or perhaps you enjoy a slow and soft serenade. In truth, only 7 billion ideas can give all of us an authentic foothold.

All of time has been spent to give you this moment. And there is no finish line. The story of all of creation is for its own experience. This experience. This moment here. This now … NOW! This “Now” is the only time there is to be experienced. Be present. Feel your feelings (Luke). LOL. Stay connected to your body. It is where your Divinity and your human experience actually meet.

You have made it. You are vetted. You have a seat in Heaven. Reserved just for you. To sit in … now. This day. The only day that Heaven is accessible in the flesh. To Heaven on Earth!

Love You and your journey.



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