Casting your vote for the future

When we consider the truth of who we really are, we come to a point of personal empowerment. When we reach that point of self-love, then we do not want to participate in anything that doesn’t honor ourselves. When we are talking about an individual, it can be a relatively easy thing to do. Just say “No” to what doesn’t feel right.

But on the collective level, things get a little different, because we all have free will. It is not congruent to force a thought or belief on anyone else, just as it is not appropriate for another to do that to you. The idea of personal sovereignty is a place of sacred ground. Personal sovereignty comes into play when we are talking about your own relationship with God/Source/Creation. And no human being can leverage that space without corrupting their personal sovereignty.

When we take a step back and look at our own life path, we can see core lessons that many of us are here to learn. To pull away the veil and remember the truth of who we are IS the journey itself. When we can become clear about our relationship with the Divine, we can find our choices and actions shifting into total alignment with our higher self.

In the past, we might have chosen to stay in a relationship or position in order to “not rock the boat,” as if we are honoring some “bigger picture” out there to choose to stay put. The bigger picture is always within ourselves. It IS our relationship with the Divine within us. There is nothing outside of us that has more to offer us that our relationship with our own truth.

In this next chapter of our human story, it will be the truth of us that will decide our thoughts, feelings and actions. When we can stay in alignment with our truth, we are creating a gift of sorts. We are all connected. We are one with all of life right now. And when we can stay in alignment with our truth, we create a more authentic point-of-presence in the collective consciousness of humanity. The more we honor ourselves, the clearer we create a sample of the truth embodied. This honoring of our self gives a cleaner reference vibration to the collective.

By its very nature, the collective is a collage of all of humanity. When we talk about the collective, it isn’t found outside of us. The collective consciousness of society is within us. It is inside of us. It is that principle that gives you the ability to influence another, for you exist within them. When they look at the collective consciousness within themselves, you will be a contributing factor. Your energy will be part of the whole within them. And since human consciousness is very powerful, the clearer you align yourself to the truth, the more prominent presence you will have in the collective. Love is so much more powerful than fear or shadow.

What does this mean? When you see the struggle of our human story playing out in the media, if you drop into worry and fear, you are erasing the ability to rise above it with your own energetic contribution to the whole. For in every moment, it is your energetic vibration that is your karmic vote for the future. In order to be a powerful presence in the collective consciousness of humanity, stay in a place of Love. Love for everyone involved. Even the “bad” guys. When you can hold a place of Love for them, you create an opportunity in them to be in a more positive place. A more positive choice. And when enough of us can hold a place of Love for them, we can fill the collective with unconditional Love. It is from that place that we can cast our best vote for the future.

You are here to honor your truth. No permission is required.

Love Love Love,



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