Fulfilling the vision of our Heart and Soul

Truth is. It always has been. Long before language or religion, the truth existed by its very nature. The truth is beyond language. It is beyond what our minds and egos can comprehend. It is impossible to language the truth without severe compromise. We are vast Souls personified in these bodies in which we reside. Where does your DNA come from? Are you Asian? German? Polish? African? Indonesian? Each one of us, as Souls, chose the answer before we were born. Your Soul chooses the situations and conditions of your birth and incarnation. You chose to be here now. The truth of who you are is the doorway to absolute freedom.

You cannot die. Ever. The very thing that is animating your body now existed before you were even conceived by your parents. Your Soul chose this lifetime. This one now. For you to come experience life as a human being on this planet now. The idea of dying is the return to just your Soul without your body tagging along.

As a Soul, you are infinite potential. Your Soul knows the truth. It has no concept of fear or worry. Those are creations of the mind and ego. When you get that, and truly believe it, you will know Peace, Love and Joy. For those are the natural authentic attributes of human beings who understand and know the truth of who they are.

Enter 2016. Here we have 365 days before us. Untethered. Open. Chock full of raw potential. The natural existence of life is to be in a state of abundance and opulence. For we are creators incarnate. The very consciousness that created the heavens and the earth exist in you now. Your consciousness is the very same consciousness that created all that is. The Father and I are One … now. We are living in a galactic hologram of the One consciousness.

Humanity is experiencing its own rise form the shadows of fear, suffering and pain. There are vast tracts of opportunities for us to re-claim for ourselves and for others. This is the lifetime of exceptional circumstances. And you are here now, poised to be the ones that crack it all back open.

What are your passions? What is your life purpose? These are the seeds of your most fantastic life. To the ego, when you are able to embody a deeper understanding of the truth of who you are, the ego feels Joy. When your life expands, you feel Joy. When you let your Soul drive, and the ego just fulfills the inspiration, you feel waves of Joy. There are vast oceans of Joy awaiting your desire to experience them. Everlasting Joy is the feeling the ego experiences, once it lets go and trusts the vision of its own Soul.

What does 2016 hold for you? How bold dare you trust? How big dare you act? It is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Take it. It is there, waiting just for You.

Here’s to a most opulent and joyful 2016 for you and yours!

Peace Love and Joy all around.

Love You, I do.



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