To celebrate the Christ within

Merry Christmas to You! The Christmas holiday is such a favorite holiday to so many of us … when we all can reunite with family and friends and share this special time together.

Christmas has been the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus is such a prominent persona in our collective religious experience in the Western world. As a role model for so many people, Jesus set such a nice example of what is possible. Many stories have been shared about the life of Jesus and his many miracles.

And yet Jesus said … surely you will do everything I have done, and even more. That gives us a clue of what is possible in our own experience of life. The universe has no bias of its own. When Jesus told us that we too could have the same types of experiences like those he had, he gave us a confirmation about what we can do with our own Christ consciousness. Jesus, the Christ, is a reference to the Christ consciousness within each one of us.

Though for so many of us, it may seem like a far-off dream that we too can actually perform miracles. But the truth of it is that indeed we all hold Christ consciousness within us now. Not Christ consciousness like we are channeling Jesus himself, but rather a Christ consciousness within our OWN truth. It is the idea that The Father and I are One … now. You can think of your own Christ consciousness within you as the brilliant white light at the very core of your being. And it is within this light that anything becomes possible. Ask, and it is given.

Just imagine a classroom, where we are all studying to learn the truth of who we really are, and what we are capable of achieving … with each one of us sitting at our own desk, taking the test to see if we understand the truth of who we are. Then all of a sudden, the first student to finish the test runs up to the front of the class, and rings the bell. God checks the test and proclaims that the truth has revealed itself through this first student, Jesus Christ. The First ‘A’ Student. Jesus, the Christ.

For so many of us, it is as if we put our pencils down and quit studying for the test ourselves. We saw ourselves as somehow being lesser beings, with the idea that Jesus had some kind of special advantage. For so many Christians, they are wanting to carry out Jesus’ will. But that is treason to our own authentic will. We are not here to copy others. There is no cheating on this test, by mimicking others’ behaviors. To be a genuinely authentic You, is to honor who You are. Your desires. Your passions. Certainly the universe will respond in kind, as you move more and more into alignment with this timeless truth. And your own Christ consciousness will reveal itself. It is within you now. It is always within you. No God, Deity or Divine Being will BRING you anything to make you powerful. For your power is already within you now. It is a discovery, not a creation.

We are at the doorway to another incredible year. 2016 is poised to be one of immense changes, both personally, and collectively. New Human Living is here for you. To hold the vision of the truth of you, until you know it. Until you embody it. Until you live it. We cannot tell you what to believe and have you honoring your own authentic truth. But we can share the nature of this timeless truth that is present within you now. To show it to you with story and metaphor. Know that you are perfect, whole and complete now and always.

There was another clue from Jesus: Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall know God (Creation). The reason Jesus could perform miracles was because of the purity of His own heart. He was the ambassador of Love. He could personify unconditional Love. Purity is the key to understanding the Light within you now.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! To the Christ within you now!

Love and Light,



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