Expressing the waves of Joy, Love and Happiness

Your own journey through life is counted day by day. Just like this day is counted, right here, right now. When will you find your Happiness? Where will you find your Joy, and the ocean of Love within you now? I don’t want to come across as smug, as I’ve certainly had my share of pain, misery and suffering in this lifetime. But I also don’t want to exclude you either. If my words don’t feel right as I write this, I will not add them.

There are oceans of Love just waiting for you to enjoy them. There is so much Happiness reserved just for you that you could never exhaust it all. Ever. The Joy of discovering who you really are will easily last a lifetime … and then some.

It can seem like those kinds of thoughts don’t fit with how we are experiencing life, especially when we spend so much time and effort keeping our lives afloat. We may feel that if we were to stumble, just once, we might not be able to get back up again. Certainly the efforts of life can feel overwhelming. But rest assured, there is a pivot point where you find your groove and open yourself up to the infinite well of Love in your life.

We chose as souls to forget. To go into the shadow of life. To lose all sense of Self. We collectively decided to create a framework of deceit, conflict, lack and disease. It may feel as if you are so disconnected from source, that in order just to get through the day, it feels like push-starting a school bus … uphill … by yourself.

But make no mistake. That part of us that we chose to forget is that we are powerful beyond measure … beyond the comprehension of our minds … and that each and every one of us is a very powerful being. A powerful being just like you.

We are collectively coming out of the shadow. We are all slowly remembering who we really are. The belief systems with which we were indoctrinated in our youth have no use for us … once we find the truth. It is those old beliefs that kept us in the darkness. And then there are those feelings that can flare up and fill us with doubt, fret, worry and fear. Those emotions can cause us to slip backward, and lose ground on our journey forward.

But do not fret. Have no worry of your good fortune. Your delights are held in escrow just for you. Your rewards cannot be destroyed, diminished or diluted. They are hard-coded in your very essence, awaiting your re-discovery of them.

Practice today. Practice noticing what you Love. What parts of life do you Love? The smile on a baby’s face? The blossom of a flower? The beauty of a sunrise? Blowing bubbles in the bathtub? Your heart will be present wherever you find what you are looking for.

Your mind cannot experience the whole truth of you, but your heart sure can. That infinite ocean of Love within you has no need for words. It existed long before language was ever created. Your heart is the key to discovering the absolute truth of who you are. And once it is purified, then the light of Love will be your everyday experience. And when you mind observes the effect of the Love of your heart expressing itself, then you will know Joy. A Joy that will bring the smile of happiness to your face with a a big ass grin that just won’t wipe off … at least not for very long.

Be still and know. Love is what you are.

Love Love Love



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