Leaving fear behind you

Peace can be found in every aspect of life. There is a place of knowing that affords a sense of peace within your own sense of self, regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey.

For many of us, we were born into a paradigm of struggle and pain. Some of the stories of our humanity can seem very difficult to understand, including the “why” of it all. But when we take a step back and look at it from our own soul’s perspective, it is that very struggle that can act as our own alarm clock. If you think about the collective consciousness, there is little in our mainstream media that talks about the truth. And that would be Truth with a capital ‘T’.

To be able to get a grip on the truth, and then become able to embody it, is the trademark of a sage, mystic or visionary. If you think about your own story from the beginning of your life, you may realize that there was a theme (or themes) that was missing earlier on in life that related to aspects of the truth. These would be behaviors, and beliefs that you held, that were less than authentic to universal truth.

For many of us, this realization would be what ultimately set us upon a path of self-discovery. And it can be a result of that darkness that a deeper yearning for the light can come about, where we become focused on understanding and discovering the deeper truth of who we are and what we are capable of. And this brings us to the doorway that, when opened, can lead to the end of suffering.

As we begin to realize that the truth of us is safe and sound, we can relax. For many of us, we have been through many lifetimes of living on this planet, many lifetimes of playing out some flavor of darkness. Perhaps during some of those lifetimes we were the villains. And perhaps in some of those times we were the victims.

But if you are reading this newsletter, perhaps this time around you are here to embody the truth. Truth with a capital ‘T’. Knowing that the truth of you is safe. No matter what. And from that place of truth, your resolve and vision of what you are here to do … expands. Expands a lot. For the truth of you is that you ARE creation itself. You are a point of presence of Divine creation. All resolution of our human condition will be through our own human experience. It will be us humans that give birth to the new paradigms of our collective futures. And every new paradigm will be born in the consciousness of a human being … likeyou.

When you have made it around the bend, leaving any notion of fear in your rearview mirror, you can then hold a vision that will not wavier. You can get a crystal clear vision of the purpose of your life. And you can step boldly into the fulfillment of that vision in your everyday life. And it is from that place of confidence and knowing that the mountains will move from your Divine intent alone. Faith is where there is no thought contrary … where all of your beliefs are in harmony with the Truth. Ask and it is given.

It is God’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Thrust in your sickle and claim your Divine birthright.

Love and Light,



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