True happiness comes from within

We all have the happiness gene. All of what we feel comes from within us. And happiness is no different. Feelings are an inside job. Yet happiness can seem elusive. So many people are not very happy with their lives. And yet others are over-the-top delighted with life. Life has no bias of its own. It will gladly accommodate anything you decide, since you are the creator incarnate. You get to decide.

The more conditions we put on our happiness, the less of it we have. We can have specific expectations for our own life. And if those expectations are not met, we can feel deprived. Why do I not have what I want? I mean, if it is God’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom of Heaven, where the hell is it? I want it and I want it NOW. lol.

The thing to keep in mind is the bigger picture. When you take a step back and look at the journey of your own soul, you can get a perspective of why you are here now … and why you are experiencing life as you are. The universe is perfect. Karmic law remains unbroken. The principles of living are constant and indifferent. In other words, you are on a journey of re-discovering the truth.

In the storyline of humanity on this planet, we have gone to the very edge of darkness. Darkness as it relates to the truth. Our human culture has fulfilled every manner of darkness. And here we are. Where is the happiness in that? It is in the feelings of joy. You have mountains of joy awaiting your re-awakening of the truth. Your ego will feel joy as it re-discovers the truth. The truth is that you are eternal now. You are safe now. You are infinite possibilities now. And all of that will awaken in you, through you, as you.

When we become separated from the light, we are creating a new opportunity, which is the re-discovery of our own inner light. And to the ego, that is the feeling of joy. When we think of the many levels of karmic disposition, every single level has immense amounts of joy available to it. Do you think the billionaire has more joy in buying yet another company? How does that compare to the joy of a homeless single mother finally getting a place of her own again? We can feel joy throughout our human experience.

Joy is the feeling of the truth revealing itself. Every time we have a new awakening to our own truth, we feel a shift in our consciousness. If we were to wipe away all of our karma, and exist as pure light, there would be nothing to experience. There would not be any victories. Any successes. Any triumphs. It is our own karmic story that our soul has chosen for us to experience in this lifetime. And that is a such a beautiful gift. For the universe will hold our vast delights for as long as it takes. We have the Kingdom of Heaven held in escrow for ourselves. We will prevail. We will all return to the truth. There is no other outcome. For the truth of us cannot be touched by human intentions. You are safe and you are Divine. Celebrate your journey, for every struggle holds a gift for you … the gift of elation and joy that you will feel as you rediscover the truth of who you are.

Practice enjoying today. What do you enjoy? Pay attention to that. It can be the simplest of things. Learn to choose those things that you enjoy. As you practice that today, you automatically develop habits of enjoying tomorrow too. Choosing those things that you enjoy is the doorway to enjoying every day of your journey. Of enjoying your life … as the powerful and capable soul that you are. Love You.

To your lasting happiness! So glad you are here!

Love and Light,



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