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The Vision of Your Soul

The Vision of Your Soul What is the plan? Your ego is assigning value to each one of these words, right here, right now… But what about the vision of your Soul? What is the plan for THIS life of yours? What are the core life lessons

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Pull Over and Let Your Soul Drive

Pull Over and Let Your Soul Drive Your Ego wants off the hook… Happy Happy Joy Joy What is awaiting your surrender? What would your life look like, if your Soul had total say in what would happen next? Our ego was never designed to navigate life.

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What is the Vision of Your Soul?

Fulfilling the Vision of Your Soul Where are you at? What is on your mind throughout the days of your life? Are you honing in on the vision of your soul? The service you bring to humanity is the vessel of fulfillment of your heart. Your heart

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Soul Dancing

Who are you dancing with? We, as souls, observed our choices. We, as souls, looked at the options we had for how we could incarnate. There were groups of souls that made a plan together. Repeating the intentions of many lifetimes before. And this time around we,

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Deal Me In

The Time Has Come You have been watching it happen from the day you were born. The process of creation happening. Right before your eyes. People taking inspired, intentional actions in their lives to make things happen. But, perhaps what was missing was that you didn’t know

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Tapping the Divine Within You

God wants to play. Deal the Divine into Your life. So what would a Divine day look like? Or perhaps where would your life be after a Divine Year? What would “Over the Top” look like for you? There is a Divine spark located deep within you.

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Living the Life You Love

What would You prefer? Is God behind the curtain creating the future for us? Are we simply the folks that watch it happen? Where is the Divine in the planning of the future? When will God get it right? Plenty of prayers are laying around, and if

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Giant Baby Steps

Awakening the Giant in You Who are You? Why are you here? Where are you going? When we take a look at the common stories in our human history, we can see a trend of a relatively slow personal evolution. When we would go through an entire

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Giving Thanks

Taking the time to stop and appreciate who we are today Who are You? Why are You here? What are You here to be? Sometimes on our spiritual journey, we always have the future in our sights. Sure enough, that is a good way to be conscious

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Turning the Tide

Changing our relationship with creation itself As we transcend our karma, we are reclaiming our own power. Our Divine power. To have taken on so much karma, and then to spend generations there, is to pretty much stop the flow of creation. Where we are so disconnected

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