Get to the point … of living

Love is in the air. The birds are singing. The flowers are flowering. The sun is shining. And you are … Love expressing.

We could say that Love is the fabric of the universe. Certainly there are substantial grounds for such dialogue. But when we look through our human eyes, we can see evidence of something else. Yet the mystics and sages of the past talk about One Mind. The notion that there is only one mind in all of creation. The idea that we are all part of the one consciousness of God/Goddess. So which one is it? Do our eyes deceive us? IS the pain and suffering we see something other than Love itself?

The notion of unconditional Love holds the answer. In the scale of human consciousness there is a place where unconditional Love resides. This scale of our human consciousness indicates the total range of our human potential, with the high side of the scale being on Love itself. And on the other end of the scale is what we would call hell. And all of our human possibilities lie somewhere in between.

As our collective human consciousness is moving out of the darkness, we all are moving toward Love. Those of us who can make the journey to the return to Love have a gift. And to go just a bit further on the scale, we come to unconditional Love. Love without condition. There is an attribute to this unconditional Love. And that is what makes hell possible. What? Love allows hell? What the hell?! Yup. Or it could not be so.

Although we are talking about love and hell, we are also touching on attributes of karma and power. Love is power. Hell is the notion of being consumed by karma. As powerful Divine BEings, we could not experience hell unless we felt powerless. And it was Love that allowed that to happen. Love, by being unequaled power, had to permit the karmic experience. We chose to go into the darkness. We chose to create the possibility of hell. And we did just that. I don’t even need to mention the notions of hell on this planet. It is self-evident.

But to BE Love … BE Love. For You to BE Love affords the most miraculous experience possible in human form. Let’s jump to the chase. When you can see the hell of the collective, and hold the space of BEing unconditional Love, YOU become the savior. (Nobody is ever lost.) But by BEing Love, you become the conduit of Divine Love in the field of darkness … in the collective field of hell. And by doing that, You, the human you, feels indescribable Love flowing through you, as you. And once you have tasted THAT fruit, there is no going back. Love has taken its place in your Heart. You are unconditional Love incarnate. This is the place where all opposites unite. Everything that is profane, becomes sacred again (~ Rumi). Oh my … God/Goddess.

Can you see the Love all around you?

Love You!



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