What is your relationship with creation itself?

When we consider the notion that we are the creator incarnate, it can seem like we are just “part” of creation. I mean, there is this “me” and then there is the world and the universe outside of me. Therefore I am just “part” of creation.

But I suggest there is a more authentic way to look at it. You are the creator. You are the thing itself. You are the consciousness of creation personified. And there is no separation between you and it. You are one with it, as it. Creation itself. All that is … is a mirror of you.

Mind the gap. Mind your relationship with ALL of creation. Is there part of creation that you dis-own? Those pesky terrorists? Those evil ones? Those “bad” words and deeds that we avoid in order to stay in favor with righteousness? The type of behavior that is despicable?

Now, I am not touting that you immerse in those things that you do not prefer. But I am suggesting you take a closer look at your own personal relationship with it. Because, as you see aspects of the shadow side of creation, you are actually perceiving your relationship with the potential that exist within yourself.

When we look at the shadow of life, we can snap into a judgment of it. And that judgment of it is the gap itself. To comprehend and then master the truth of who you are, perhaps it would serve you well to appreciate the vast and immense potential within you. And that vast potential is mirrored in creation itself.

The immense diversity of our human story is a reflection of your own potential. You are such a powerful creator that you can create any flavor of creation, including the shadow side of creation. That’s right. You can create hell if you so choose. In fact, there are many humans who have chosen to create hell here on earth. And they are using the exact same power of creation that you are now. If you posture with their ability to create what they have chosen, then you are creating a karmic propensity with your own choices too. To genuinely accept ALL that is, is to accept all of what you hold as potential … including the Divine aspect of yourself.

There is a point here. Really, I promise. If you are to be comfortable with your power, you might consider coming to terms with ALL of it. If you are posturing with aspects of creation, you are posturing with aspects of your potential. You are not truly at ease with the power of who you are. When you have a conscious or subconscious judgment of other people’s choices, you disconnect from unconditional Love in the moment. Thus, you disconnect with your Divinity.

Enter unconditional Love. For the shadow to even exist, unconditional Love had to allow it. Unconditional Love has no opposite. It is the source of all of creation. And that is the key to your own power. It was our Souls that chose to go into the darkness. It was our Souls that consciously CHOSE to create terrorism, war, slavery, and suffering. And it is our human Self that can turn it around.

When a human being can see through unbiased eyes of unconditional Love, then the darkness can be transmuted in the moment. Let me say that again. When the HUMAN, you, can see the darkness without a gap, without judgment, then the shadow can collapse. The journey is the ability to see the Divinity of all that is. Without a gap. All of creation with equal and unconditional acceptance. That is the doorway to embodying the vast power of Divine Love.

Do you want to help bring Heaven on Earth? Practice loving the fierce freedom we are given here on earth to create whatever we choose to create. See the Divinity of the darkness. See the ability to create opportunities for our human selves to be courageous, brave and bold. We can push ourselves against the fears of our past, so that we may discover the deeper truth of who we really are. We can each be a human that knows only the past, surrounded by darkness, and yet still muster up the courage and boldness to re-discover our own inner power of unconditional Love.

To discover our truth from within the darkness itself, is the PhD level of mastering our human experience. Earth at this time has some of the most challenging conditions of darkness, affording you the ability to be surrounded by darkness. If you can find your truth here, then you have reached the most advanced level of human experience ever created. This is the classroom of the most advanced Souls in the universe. And that would include YOU!

Learn to Love all that is. Love You!



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