Finding the Divine Within

We are all on a journey. Each one is unique. Yet the destination is always the same. Each and every one of us has a unique story. A unique purpose.

There is a propensity to life. We, as humans, tend to live in patterned behavior. Karma, by its very nature, implies conditioned response. A karmic propensity. Yet there is something else that is riding along with us on our journey.  And that is the truth. The truth of who we are. We chose to forget. We chose to go into the darkness, letting go of knowing who we really are.

The darkness has a gift for us. The struggles of our past have a wonderful benefit. And that is because we, our egos, feel Joy when we move closer to our truth … when we move closer to the Light within us now. The journey home is filled with moments of becoming. Moments of re-discovering our truth. And when these moments are experienced from the memory of the darkness, a deep and wonderful feeling of joy and “salvation” can fill our being.

Our struggles can create a framework of strife and heartache. Our memory of our more difficult times can make the re-discovery of our truth such a feeling of Joy and triumph. These feelings that we feel as we ascend to our truth ARE the purpose of the journey. Our Souls did not choose the darkness to only suffer and struggle. But rather, it was to create a context of perception. It is from our seeming mortality that the exquisite joy of triumph can give us such delight. From the darkness we can perceive even the smallest amount of Light. We can see the infinite ways that Light can create. For if we are only Light, then we have no sense of darkness, and thus no sense of what is possible.

Imagine a room of powerful BEings of Light, that can create in an instant anything that is desired. Where is the triumph of overcoming a sense of limitation? Where is the idea of courage? Where is the victory of finding the Light from within the darkness? The full spectrum of our human emotions provides an arena for re-discovering the possibilities of creation itself. Indeed, if it were not for the darkness, we could not know the feelings of what it means to be a human being overcoming our sense of mortality.

There is a most exquisite Elephant in the room. And that is Love. For in our journey of remembering, there is a place of peace that is found within us now. We, as enlightened humans, can live in peace as we go through the rest of our journey back home. Once we remember enough of our truth, we can realize that the truth of who we are is safe. We are safe. We are all going to make it back home. There is the seed of Heaven within us now. All Souls return to the Light of Love. Including YOU.

Creation itself was made for you. It is our human nature that IS the vehicle of creation. You don’t see Ascended BEings of Light planning our future. For our future is there for us humans to create. It is there for us humans to choose. We are here for the human experience. All things that come to pass will be created from our own human desires. Ask, and it is given. It is done unto you as you, the humans, believe. We are the reason. It is OUR journey, which is creation itself, creating. You are the creator incarnate.

Once we have settled into that knowingness we can experience a feeling of immense relief. We get to choose from a whole new space. Humans who know the truth get to create without worry or fret. There is a place of “salvation” that creates a deep feeling of relief. Once we have discovered enough of the Light from within, we become the face of the Divine. We become the face of Heaven on Earth. The Light of the truth shines through our own hearts. As we live in the Love of our own Hearts, our egos feel the bliss of Love.

It is God’s (creation’s) good pleasure to give us the kingdom (the power of creation itself). So create! Intentionally create the life that YOU will Love. Choose those things that YOU prefer. Do not hesitate with this power. For you have always been the creator of your life. The only difference is becoming conscious of your relationship with the process of creating. Once you see the future through the lens of Love, then Heaven returns to the vision. And Earth will receive the Light of Love through the hearts of the Divine Humans.

You are Love expressed. EnJoy the Journey.

Love and Light,



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