Who do You think you are?

We had a lot to give up. As very powerful souls, we had to let go of a large portion of our potential in order to have the experience of feeling the darkest of the dark. You couldn’t play out any roles as the victim unless you felt powerless. How could a powerful soul even get to the point of playing out the role of feeling the victim unless the vast majority of your truth was somehow hidden from you?

Enter karma. Karma is where we “put” our personal power in order to experience the full range of human paradigms. The karma we create is what makes the journey possible. It is a very elegant design. The laws of karma are perfect. It can seem that the darker side of our human potential is somehow skewed toward a negative bias towards us. But the principles of karma are timeless and impersonal.

Karma itself has no concern HOW you experience it. Your day of “salvation” can be today. You can decide HOW you experience your karma in any moment. Even after years of struggle, you can find happiness right now. The principles of karma are like gravity. If you can master gravity by learning to walk and run and such, then you can navigate gravity with grace and ease. But if you have not mastered gravity, you might find yourself flat on the floor. Gravity itself does not care which one you choose. So too does karma not care HOW you experience it.

When you take the time to understand the deeper truth of who you really are, you can find a deep sense of peace anywhere along the journey. You can flip your experience of your own karma in an instant, for you are a soul that chose to have the karmic lessons you are experiencing right now. You chose at some level to have the karma that you have right now. When you can shift your perspective to the level of your soul, then all the lessons become impersonal. And on this planet, the biggest karmic lessons possible are already here … for you to play out. There really is a big gift in the darkness of our collective karma.

There is a tipping point in our karmic journey back home. When we have gone so deeply into the karma, it becomes all about survival. For so many of us, surviving is a core aspect of our “struggle.” But as you learn your karmic lessons, there is a point where that changes. There is a point where the creator is re-born. We go from the perspective that there is a world “out there” that we must survive, to a point where the creation of our human experience is actually always coming from within us.

And once we get clear about that, we tend to focus all of our efforts to cleansing ourselves within … that place within where we have kept our karma. To cleanse your karma is to cleanse your own personal energy persona. And as you change, the energy within you, your experience outside of you, changes too. Once you can master that, all things become possible. And all of the power of your soul returns. The re-discovery of your truth is what will set you free again.

Energy is the most fundamental language to describe our karmic experience. And thus, it is the language that can take us all the way home to the Light within.

Love and Light,



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