We all have more potential to discover about ourselves

Who are you? Where did you come from? Where are you going?

As humans we tend to have arenas of thoughts, feelings and beliefs in which we live. If you were to summarize the core aspects of your life, what is the end game that you are living for? Survival? Contentment? Fun? Or perhaps enlightenment?

It can almost seem like two different worlds … the life that you are experiencing now, and that which you desire. Many of us long for a change in our condition. We want to be successful, wealthy or healthy. Or perhaps to fall in Love. Those dreams and desires are the place on the map that we are heading toward.They decide where we place the rudder of our life. Setting a direction for our future. The “goal” or “destination” of our current desires.

Sometimes we are only looking at the very next steps. Perhaps that means getting a better job or getting out of debt. Or maybe it’s something we would like to see happen in the near future. But there is a bigger opportunity here, as you are the creator incarnate. The CREATOR incarnate. The thing itself. There is no difference between you and the initial desire to create the entire universe. You are that very same impulse incarnate as You.

But perhaps we have some baggage from our past. Some junk in our trunk. Perhaps we are dragging our karmic momentum around with us. And that can keep us stuck in a particular paradigm.Looking within ourselves is the BEST place in which to create a new paradigm. Looking within is where we will find all the answers. It will be by releasing our past that we can create a totally new future. It will be by cleaning out our karmic imprinting that we will move closer to our truth.

We have a magnificent journey before us. All of us do. From our ego’s perspective, there are oceans of joy awaiting us. As we incrementally cleanse our karmic past, we enter a new paradigm. As we master our karmic lessons, we enter new arenas of creation. And to the ego, those new arenas are exciting and adventurous, and involve taking another step on the stairway to heaven.

No two paths look the same. We all have our unique journey taking us back to our own truth, and to our own idea of Heaven on Earth. What do your dreams show you? What is possible for your life? What is the biggest vision you have had for your life? What is too grandiose to even think about? Often our ego will settle on a lesser dream. We might discount the bigger vision for our own life. “I can’t do THAT.” Who am I do or be that?

Our dreams are stepping stones. They expand as we grow. And that rate of growth can decide what is possible for your life now. There is an advantage to embracing the biggest dream. To embrace the BIG picture that your heart and soul have in mind for you. For the Divine act of creation can manifest ANYTHING that is believed. The act of creation does not “effort” more to make a dream come true than it did to create the entire universe.

But from our linear minds, we can see the bigger picture as “more effort.” I suggest holding the bigger picture for your life. And trusting in who you will become is the journey itself. We will accomplish as we intend to. Who dares to dream BIG? Who dares to take a step today toward a vision of Heaven on Earth? Those will be the ones who “get ‘er done.” Trust in your potential. Show up for your life purpose.

Love You.



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