Creation takes ongoing intention

There is a pacing to consciousness. The further we have gone into the darkness or shadow, the more disconnected we become from our power to create. When we chose to go so far into the darkness, we chose to disconnect from our most powerful aspects of ourselves. I mean, really, how can we have a mythology about kings AND peasants, if we were all very powerful? If we all embodied our Divinity, we couldn’t play out these stories that fill the pages of our human history.

With that said, we are all on our way back home. We are on our way back to our truth. We are ALL very powerful Divine personas, once we re-embody our own truth. As we come out of our own karmic imprinting, we are reconnecting with our Divine yet personal power. That Divine spark within us now.  As we shed that karmic imprinting, we are reclaiming our own Divine power. That power is always Love itself, which is the very fabric of the universe.

If we feel disconnected from our own ability to manifest, then what will help is for us to anchor our resolve. To totally commit ourselves to our journey back home. We could stay in our story. We could stay in our past. Perhaps we could focus our attention on all of the distractions we see outside of ourselves. That is always a choice. But I think you might be tired of that. Done with that. It just might be time to anchor the idea that the journey itself is the temporal canvas of our re-birth. Of our own Divine re-union.

Sure, we can set out to create, only to find ourselves seemingly no further along years later. But there is always a change if we are creating flow. If we are tuning in to that inner intuition, and then following it up with some actions, then we always have movement forward. Sometimes the results don’t seem forward. For some of us, our egos are attached to thoughts and beliefs that are not correct, and we need to let go of them if we are to move forward. If we were raised in a household where we were taught self-doubt, undeservedness, and critical judgments, then we need to discover the incongruence in those stances. Those were the beliefs we chose to instill so that we could live out all of the various “victim” archetypes.

Take the time to get clear about the vision your heart and soul have for your life. Clarity of life purpose is where you set anchor. The clarity of that vision is the seed for your own Divine fulfillment. You can cover a lot of distance in this lifetime, or you can drift along too. The choice is up to you. But I suggest the gift of this lifetime will not be available to the same degree in then next lifetime. The darkness will not be so dark the next time around. And as such the challenge, and thus the power, of overcoming the seeming limitations of your karmic past will not hold the same satisfaction that this lifetime affords you. Dare you be so BOLD? Don’t tell me, tell you. Love You!

It is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Take it!

Love and Light,



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