The flow of creation itself

What is the end game of living? Where are we going? How can we tell when we get “there”?

When we set out on our spiritual journey, as seekers, we are looking for something that we desire to have. Perhaps we are looking for the truth. Or perhaps we would like to meet God. Or perhaps we are looking for our life purpose. Seeking is looking. Looking to discover something.

Sure enough. From our human perspective there is a bigger picture to life. Perhaps we feel it when we look up at the stars in the sky at night. Or perhaps we feel it when we see a flower bloom. Or perhaps we experience it with the miracle of a baby being born. What IS this thing that we are all experiencing?

For the vast majority of humanity, we are coming out of the darkness. We are coming out of the karmic storm. And we are slowly discovering a bigger truth that has been operating in our own life.

There is such a perfect resilience to failing. For indeed, we cannot fail, ever. For the truth of us is timeless. Our soul was present before we were born. Our soul is here now. And our soul will review this lifetime after we once again release our earthly body. There is no action, choice or condition that can change that. You are safe to explore as you choose.

So what is the purpose of it all? Where are we going? What is the destination?

In the beginning, there was the Light. And the Light was without form. And the Goddess (Feminine) had the inspiration of creation (The Word). And the Father (Masculine) took the inspiration and created form (time, space, matter,etc.)

When we contemplate the art of creation, we can find out that there is no endgame. If the God/Goddess of the beginning of all-that-is wanted a specific outcome, most certainly it would have been so. There was not a specific destination, as there is always another moment. There is always another opportunity. Consciousness does not end. Yet everything that is created is eventually destroyed too. Every “thing” has a beginning, an existence, and a return to source.

So what the hell? Where is this Heaven? Where is the endgame? Is it all pointless?

There is a scale of human consciousness … which spans our human potential. And here on planet Earth, we have only seen a very small aspect of it. We are rising out of the 3D matrix of expression. We are entering a whole new octave of experiences. As we raise our consciousness, the universe itself will respond to us differently, for the universe is only a mirror of us energetically. As we enter this new spectrum of existence, there will be a whole new realm of discovery. A whole new set of human attributes to master.

As we purify our consciousness from the karmic imprinting of the past, we will gain dominion over a broader aspect of the principles of nature. What would have been thought impossible from our 3D perspective will one day become commonplace. Every “miracle” written in the book of human mythology awaits our own personal discovery within ourselves. Our journey “home” will be our re-discovery of our Divine relationship with creation itself.

In the beginning was consciousness. And you are that very same consciousness now.

In THIS lifetime, from a perspective of where we are in the evolution of consciousness, perhaps the endgame would be … where two or more have gathered. The sacred co-union of creation. The ability of two beings of purity becoming masters at the art of creation itself. For the value of any creation comes from the perspective of the creator. What a 3D being would desire to create might not hold interest for an ascended being. But the ACT of creation is the common theme. The common “act.”

The purity of our personal energy persona dictates how pure of a result we can create. The universe itself is but a mirror. The miracle of this lifetime will be the temporal quickening between the inspiration and the actual creation. The quickening of creation itself. And then to master that process is the journey back home … to the Light within us now. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall know God (Creation).

When two pure beings come into union to create, nothing will be out of reach. They will have the ability to create any “thing” at will. Mastering the art of creation itself. For the truth of us is Light itself And there is no thing within Light. But rather, the potential for every thing. Polish your personal energy persona and the ability to create will refine itself. In you, through you, as you. Love You!

Les Jensen


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