Love is the path to your return to grace

All of us are spot-on. We are perfect in our own right. The way(s) we choose IS our path. No matter what. You cannot choose wrong. You cannot fall from grace. No matter what your storyline is, you are perfect, whole and complete, now and always.

The truth of you is absolute. The truth of you is out of reach from our human intentions. Nobody has broken a karmic law. Ever. You are free to choose yet again.

But what about sin? What about falling from grace? What about that time I did the unthinkable? Certainly THAT has some consequences? Well sure. It does have consequences. But only from the ego’s perception. The soul will not make a choice that is incongruent with its own truth. Yet we see souls playing out the tyrant and the villain’s roles. What gives? What about all of the atrocities of the past? There should be SOME accountability. Right?

Yes. But only from the view of the ego. We CHOSE as souls to go into the atrocities. We chose to create the victim and the villain storyline. I mean, how can we have a hero experience if there is not a terrible villain?

All of the archetypes are the canvas of our karma. They are the threads woven in the scripts we are all playing out now. It took a very powerful soul to go so far into the darkness, to play out the villain role. To get so separated from the truth, that it would seek to control and dominate the 3D world out of fear itself. Once we all return to source, we will laugh and remember all of the perils and the struggles of our ego’s journey.

So where are YOU now? What aspects of living are you faced with? What storylines are you seeking to change about yourself? Take a step back and look at it from your soul’s perspective. There are storylines from your past lives that have brought you to this moment. There are aspects of living that you are seeking to master too. Take another step back and see you current condition from the opposite side … where you HAVE mastered the very things that give you grief right now. What do you look like? Confident? Organized? Focused? Accepting? Loving?

When you learn to love your past without hesitation or pause, you give yourself the opportunity to transcend the very things in your life that you wish to change. Of course, you deserve it. Of course, it should be for you. You are here to own your own Divinity and all of the birthrights that come with that.

Take some time and imagine having a conversation with your soul. Talking about what you prefer to experience in life. Talking about the storyline that will take you there. You will find that the universe has no bias in how long that will take. Are you ready?

Love YOU.

Les Jensen


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