Changing our relationship with creation itself

As we transcend our karma, we are reclaiming our own power. Our Divine power. To have taken on so much karma, and then to spend generations there, is to pretty much stop the flow of creation. Where we are so disconnected from source that we have to use force for all of our creating. Where everything that happens is done through sweat and effort.

There is another aspect of creation that can change it all. A place where our soul goes before us and prepares the way. For most of humanity, this side of creation can seem like folklore. A pie-in-the-sky type of thinking. From the place where we are collectively coming from, it is unheard of. But keep in mind that consciousness is a very vast arena of possibilities.

When we take a step back, and consider the total span of human consciousness, we are at the lower end of creation. In other words, we are karmically at a disadvantage when it comes to tapping our creative potential. There are several self-defeating karmic attributes that are common in our collective story with which we all tend to agree. For so many of us, we are also coming out of the lower end of the scale of human consciousness too. And we are loaded up with mental and emotional karmic imprinting.

We can consider our mental karmic imprinting, where we have rigid mental patterning within our own personal persona. That is to say, that we have core beliefs that have been engrained in our culture that we were all exposed to. Some are based in our own sense of identity. Perhaps these could be notions like … I am a citizen, therefore, my role is to obey the laws and not make waves. Or perhaps, I am a worshipper of God, therefore God is outside of me, and my “place” is to worship this someone outside of me. When we “see” ourselves as a piece of the bigger puzzle, we tend to assign ourselves “roles” that we are playing out.

Then there is our emotional imprinting too. This can have us connected to “trigger” issues that can set us off into long periods of emotional re-actions. Perhaps we get angry and fester and brood for days on end. We see things happening in the world that really offend us. Certainly, I am not suggesting that we totally disconnect from our world. But I am suggesting that we take a bigger perspective to the condition(s) and see them for the karmic choices we have made at a soul level.

When I consider myself as the “creator” incarnate, what I put my attention on expands. What I “pay” my attention to, tends to re-create itself again (and again). There is a very specific flow to the art of Divine creation. Divine in the sense that it can shift us out of any paradigm of the past, and allow a totally new creation to come into effect. But whether or not we can do this is largely decided by our mental and emotional karmic imprinting.

A big factor here is our ability (or in-ability) to stay focused. And most importantly, focused on what we REALLY want. Sure, we can start off creating affirmations and chanting our intentions for the future. There is a real value to that, BUT, if our inner chi, our karmic imprinting in our subconscious, is loaded up with mental and emotional re-actions that are not in alignment with what we want, we will have re-actions that take us off course. One of them is … what ARE we attracting? What is the energy within our own personal energy persona ACTUALLY attracting? If we have unresolved anger bottled up within our subconscious, and our affirmation is for a peaceful and loving relationship, we will be attracting our own karmic “teachers” to show us our own karmic incongruities that are energetically stored within us.

We will want to be resolving and releasing those incongruities if we want our affirmations to be effective, in other words, having our inner energy match what we are asking for with our affirmations.

Also, when we drop into mental and emotional re-actions, we de-rail our own mind. We de-rail our own ability to stay focused on what we want. We might be triggered by someone, or something, in our lives, and find ourselves re-acting (yet again) to our environment, thus creating mental dialogue about how “this happens every time,” or some other belief about how the “world works.” Or perhaps we drop into resentful emotional feelings, again incongruent with what we ACTUALLY want.

The point is, if we are disciplined enough to actually cleanse out our own karmic imprinting, we can eliminate any behaviors that would be working against us. We can dissolve our karmic habits of re-acting to our environment, releasing all the energy within us that might be attracting to us incongruent people and circumstances. This is where we are actually turning the tide of our ability to create.

That is the place of magic where we know our truth. Where we accept all that is. We do not posture with any aspect of life. Our energy has been cleansed, and all of what we are attracting is compatible and supportive of our affirmations and dreams coming true. Then we can dream our best dream. Getting excited and focused every day about the life we are creating. And holding that excitement all through the day. Energetically staying “on track.” Where every aspect of our BEing is in step with the dream itself, Divine Creation incarnate.

Trust that you will make it there. We all will actually. But if it happens in this lifetime or the next, is really up to you. Learn how to cleanse your own subconscious. Master your mind and its ability to stay focused. This is all an inside job.

Dare you Dream the Dream of the Heart and Soul?

Love You!

Les Jensen


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