Finding that place of nirvana within

Life can seem like it has a rigid pacing to it. Like the time it takes for us to create what we want. For so many of us, it can seem as if this takes a long time too.

But there is a place within us where the creative force is powerful and expanded beyond anything we have experienced. And then we bring in the idea that all of us have more of that creative effect to discover … which can bring a genuine sense of excitement. As it should, for the evolution of consciousness is a very powerful journey to be on.

The creative impulse that started this whole universe/galaxy thing exists within you now. The impulse to create is woven into consciousness itself. When you make it a practice to expand your own consciousness, you are changing the “rate of change” itself … accelerating your own ability to create. As you release your karma, your own energy expands. And the law of attraction sees more of your truth. Your Inner Chi is IN alignment with your own experience of Bliss. Ask, and it is given.

But how is it that we are “asking.” Enter energy. Or rather, Inner Chi. What could our Inner Chi be? How is it that there is energy within me now, that is playing out a dialogue with the law of attraction? If we were to back up time, a long, long time … we would find the first moments of your Soul. A pure consciousness without any imprint from any “past.” And then it happens. From our own Divine purity … the original “sin.”

Karmic imprinting starts. Karma is created in the moment. In the now. In those first moments, the first karmic imprint doesn’t involve a lot of energy. Yet it does have a signature or karmic flavor. Karma has a way of building on itself. Fast forward to THIS now. What is in your karmic energy? What are the most prominent karmic imprints of your soul? Just a first glance impression? Self-worth? Prosperity, or the lack of it? The ability, or inability, to love? Deceit, betrayal, [insert your own example here].

We are all coming out of a karmic tsunami. Our collective story is filled with carnage, war and suffering. You are a soul that is participating in this collective story. We have all chosen to load ourselves up with karma. How much? How can we define it? I suggest there are thousands, many thousands, of karmic imprints on your psyche.

In order to have these kinds of karmic experiences we had to take the vast majority of our Divine power offline … so that we could play out the victim role. No one event holds all of our karmic imprinting. It took many lifetimes of karmic loading to get to where we are. And the journey home is to cleanse that karma back out of our personal energy persona. For you are the Light itself personified. Yet you are coming out of the darkest of dark storylines. Your Divinity is vast, powerful and very capable. You ARE the creator itself. Personified as you.

In order to be where you are now you first had to surrender that vast power to have this experience. And the journey back home is to clean it all up and return to the Light within. I can help you with that. For it can all be described as energy. Inner Chi that is a karmic history of your past. To learn how to release the karmic imprinting of your own history will expand your own consciousness. It will bring you a step closer to restoring your Divine sweet Self. Expanding your potential. Raising your vibration. Increasing your power to create. Shortening the time it takes you to create whatever you desire. To work on your own Inner Chi is the best place to put your intentions and efforts. For human consciousness is exponential. Or, in other words, it is expansive and very powerful. You ARE the thing itself.

To learn how we take on karma, what it is, and how to release it is to get to the point itself. Karma is impersonal. It is indifferent. It does not care how you experience it. Take the time to learn about karma and how it impacts your experience of life. If you don’t know where to start, I suggest my book, “Personal Power Fundamentals”. And if this conversation is already very familiar to you, I recommend my book, “Citizen King: The New Age of Power.” Either of these books can be purchased through

In the end, it will be revealed that the power we have been talking of is Love. And to master Love is to have unconditional Love … for yourself … and for All That Is.

Love You.

Les Jensen


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