Love is a very powerful thing to talk about.

Love, play it on me. ~ The Who

So here we are. Once again. What’s it going to be? We all have more life to live. Here is some more showing up right now. And here is yet another moment. If indeed we are Divine BEings, how can we tap the Divinity for some real-time leverage in our life?

Well, perhaps the question is, how BIG do you want to PLAY on this planet Earth? For there is a definitive process of creation. I mean, who doesn’t notice the Earth we are walking around on? The creator aspect that made the earth is part of who we are right now. Or the endless list to creations that our human ancestors have created?

Our Divinity does not sway or error. It is an absolute aspect of us now, awaiting our mastery of it. Awaiting our ability to “spend” it in this moment. And then there is the future too. Here is some more of it even now. Time has a current to it. It seems to flow on by whether we are “using” it or not. Damn it, where is the lever for effect for our Divine nature? Time doesn’t seem to care if we are in our Divinity or not. Are we going to figure this out or not?

There isn’t a moment when our Divinity is ever challenged. It is an eternal aspect of ourselves. We always have more to discover about it. But there IS an aspect of ourselves that can decide how much Divinity we can embody in any one moment. And that aspect has to do with “all that is.” Every “thing.” Every “body.” All that is.

If, indeed, we are intending to harness the immense power of our Divinity, we would do good to “get right” with the Divinity that already exists. Just as if we are going to master the Art of Creation, we can be postured with what has been created. Sure, we can have a preference. But if we are observing Divinity expressed, and we drop into an emotional re-action, a judgment of sorts, we are actually dropping into judgment of our own ability to create. As we resist what already is (created), we are posturing with our own ability to create. We are creating a karmic stigma with the act of creating itself.

At some point in the past, our souls, collectively, decided to create darkness. The shadow of Life. The pain and suffering that we are witnessing here on this planet at this time. Like a script, written for the hero archetype, the first part of every hero movie spends time defining the immense “power” of the villain. How can we have a hero experience if there is nothing to overcome? As the movie writers of THIS chapter, we chose to write in villains. We chose to write the atrocities of this chapter of our human story. To create so much shadow that the Light can be difficult to detect. Let alone embody. To go so far into the darkness, that there just isn’t much Light to get an idea of what is possible now.

Enter You. The Hero. If you want to be. If you so dare to be. What is the power of the hero in this chapter of our human story? Love. Love is the ticket. Love has nothing opposite of it. Fear has no power of its own. Fear “spends” the consciousness of the fearful, derailing the ability to embody Love. Thus, it derails the ability to hold Light in the moment. The Truth cannot be destroyed. The truth of you IS Love. To be a power-full persona in the moment, is to embody Love toward “all that is.” To see the face of the soul that is playing out the villain role, is to transcend the story itself. To accept what is, and to hold the space of Love without condition, brings the power of Love to the moment. To embody Love, with no thought contrary, is to BE the creator of the outcome. To stand in the power of the truth, regardless of the story others are playing out, IS the power point of Loving.

The shift in the outcome comes from the changes that happen within ourselves. To re-write the future is to change our perspective of what already is. Take the time to understand the Divinity in what already is. So that you can accept it. Accept it as if you have even chosen the villain. To be able to “see past” that which threatens us. Do not wavier. See the Love within every chapter and verse in which we are living. Get comfortable in that place of unconditional Love. Loving all that is. That is where you will find the hero gene. Inyour role of this human script, play out the (unconditional) Love archetype, and you will be the hero.

Love, Play It On You!

Love You.

Les Jensen


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