We live in a sea of Divinity, yet what does our mind see?

Don’t look now, but God is here. With a well-trained eye, one can see the Divine right here, right now. The universe is not divided against itself. It is a whole. Complete. Inclusive. Now.

But what about our “journey back home?” Are we not “going” back to heaven? What did the last signpost say? Is heaven this way?

The idea that the universe is a giant hologram suggests we are already there. Or perhaps, we are already Divine. Yet if we are living with some sense of desire, then we do not feel complete. The paradigm might be to see the Divinity of it all, WHILE we are still in the journey back.

There is a curious thing about enlightenment. It can “happen” right here, right now. Enlightenment is a discovery of an already existing truth. There is nothing that is added to make one enlightened. The stories of our mythology have portrayed enlightened beings all through the journey itself. In every age group. And perhaps in every occupation too.

Well that is just swell. But I can’t get my … clothes to fit just right, singing to be on key, feelings to make sense. What is this “Divinity” worth anyway? I mean, if we are made of God stuff, why am I falling short of nirvana?

Remember. Remember that we are the souls that chose to go into the shadow. To leave that space of knowingness. To have the experience of total forgetfulness. And WOW, what a concept. I suggest we are some of the most bold souls in the universe.We are the ones that chose to go through the darkness. The pitch-black darkness. And then, here we are now, coming back into the Light. Do not be afraid. For God is here with you now. As YOU now. There is no consciousness outside of God. All of your thoughts are God having thoughts. Every aspect of you is Divine.

Yeah, but sometimes I fail. Sometimes I screw everything up. Perfect. Brilliant. But I have a few train wrecks in my past. I am not ready for Heaven. As you wish. Heaven is right here, right now. It lies within you. It has no requirements of its own. For Heaven is a place of unconditional Love. Love that is available right now. It is courting you. Whispering in your ear. Catching your glance. Caressing your skin. A wisp of fragrance.

The Divine is courting you. All of nature embodies the Divine. All that you see is the wake of desire fulfilled. And your desire is creating the Divinity of the next moments. Of the future of your experience here on this most beautiful planet. Do not resist it. Let go. Surrender to it. It will catch you feeling the bliss of this moment. Heaven can wait. It has no-thing to do to complete itself. It has nothing that is required. It is already Divine. And so are you. The kingdom of heaven is within you now. Be still and know.

My my, Heaven sure looks good as YOU!

Love You!

Les Jensen


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