Where ARE you going?

Are we there yet? Have we “awakened?” Are we stuck in nirvana? Overwhelmed with bliss?

When I look at people’s energy, one of the most common energies I feel is an anxiousness. A sense of angst about the moment. Well, it isn’t really about this moment, but rather, what might happen next. Perhaps it is a desire to reach “fulfillment” or “happiness.” Anywhere but here and any time but now. Like there is something coming from the future that will put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I am not “there” yet. I am not “where” I want to be … yet.

OK. Let’s wait. Let’s stand down and let this future moment come to us. Sometimes I see a mindset in social media that says I have given my heart to God. Maybe it sounds like this … I surrender to your will Oh God! Or perhaps they have devoted their life to God. And so, they think, now I am awaiting my reward. Or, I have been saved by Jesus. And he is with me. So I am ‘saved’. Whew, so glad THAT is done.

I suggest there is a lot about those mindsets that are so dysfunctional too. God nor Jesus want to RUN your life. They do NOT want to make your decisions. In fact, they bend over backwards to make sure that they don’t. Otherwise it would be impossible to “hit rock bottom.” If there were a Divine presence ready to RUN your life, you couldn’t “fail.” Ever. But just look around. Millions of people in humanity are bouncing along on the bottom of the karmic barrel. It isn’t because they haven’t given their life to God or Jesus. It is because we are each here for OUR own human experience. Your experience.

Yes, certainly pray and ask for guidance. Yes, trust in the fact that God and Jesus have unconditional Love for you now and always. Yes, they are both ready to give you support as long as you need it, until you discover your own Divinity. But make no mistake, it will require YOU to make choices and take actions too. It will be THROUGH you, AS you, that it will come about. Jesus said (paraphrasing), “Step on up. You will do everything I have done, and even more.” The Christ consciousness that is within you now is awaiting your re-discovery of it.

Can you imagine being in school, passing a test up to God for him to “take for you?” How the hell will you GROW from that experience? In you all things are possible. You ARE a personification of God now. The Father and I are One … NOW. You are it.

We all started off as pure Light. All souls came from Source. Light. Pure in those first moments. And then we traveled, by choice, to go into the darkness. And now many of our egos are waiting for something. Something to get us done with this sense of struggle or anxiousness. Or so it seems. Sometimes the human condition can be a difficult lesson to learn. Some of our karma is woven so deep in our own sense of self, that it feels like we are uprooting our very essence. A very unsettling feeling indeed.

I suggest you can come at your life from two sides. Most of us are familiar with one of them. It is our ego. And our ego’s relationship with our own karma.Our current sense of self. But I suggest the other vantage point that is available in this moment is to strengthen our connection with our own heart and soul. I suggest your soul IS the forever connection you have with your Divinity now and forever. In other words, when you follow your soul, you are following your own personal Divine guidance. All the wisdom you seek is already within you now. Through that Divine connection. Your soul knows of your Divinity now. Your heart trusts in your ability to re-establish the Divine connection within you now.

Now hurry up and calm down. Become still. Slow down even some more … and listen. Learn to live in the stillness and you can tune into, and follow, your heart and soul all day long. You can connect with the Divine within you all the time. It is an easy thought to SAY, but it takes some practice to actually DO every day. But it is oh so worth it. How to live in that space is the dance itself. It is the only dance there is.

Be still and know that God is with you, as you, now and always.

Love You, I Do.

Love and Light,

Les Jensen


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