Life gets better when you are consciously creating more of it

Your karma is your choice, in two different ways. First of all, it was your Soul that chose to take on your particular flavor(s) of karmic imprinting. And second, it can be your ego, right now, that decides how you experience your karma.

Karma does not care either way. And your emotions are really quite impersonal too. That’s right. You have some say in all of it. Starting right now. You get to decide, and re-decide, how you feel. Your emotions are just messengers. They only want to deliver a message to you. And that is how you feel about what is going on in the present moment. Your feelings change as you grow your own sense of self. You can emotionally evolve out of “bad” emotions. And you can master the ability to feel the really good ones too.

But let’s talk about karma right now. Your karma is your own consciousness. Your consciousness that is stored in your own subconscious. And it has a very specific energy to it too. Your karma is the consciousness of your past, stored in your subconscious now. It is radiating out into the universe, asking for karmic teachers to show up and reflect you, back to you. And it can be stirred up by your daily environment.

Do you ever get home feeling so wiped out, that you just want to crash on the couch and channel surf for an hour or more? That can be how it feels when your subconscious is upset. Or maybe you go to a very crowded public event and feel very “stirred up.”

When you first start working with your karma, you tend to find the biggest aspects of your karma and focus on them … on the most prominent feelings that you have. Perhaps it is anger, jealousy, loneliness, shame, guilt or betrayal. You can spend hours a day re-acting to those karmic imprintings, re-triggering emotional re-actions. This can tend to put you in a position where you choose the same thing, over and over again. This is what a karmic stigma looks like. Perhaps it is your boss, spouse, or co-worker that triggers you every time you encounter them.

Sure, you can move away. Quit your job. Leave the relationship. Sure thing. But the karmic energy that hasn’t been resolved in your subconscious will fetch another teacher very much like the one you just ran away from. Until you change your karmic signature, you will have a very similar karmic experience over and over again.

To “cleanse” your karma is to release your subconscious karmic energy. And the thing I see most is people who have a lot of karma, and they are not moving toward energetically resolving it. Sometimes they coddle these emotions. Imagine having a huge mansion totally full of trash. And you are standing at the front door with a pair of tweezers, taking one piece at a time and walking it out to the trash cans. It will take you forever to work through your issues at that rate.

We are just touching on the basics here. But in the simplest sense, the truth of you (Light) cannot be destroyed or diluted. And your Karma (shadow) IS the journey itself. You are safe. Learn the nature of your karma and master what it has to teach you about yourself.

Take the time to learn what your karma is, and then MASTER the art of your own karmic propensities or traits.

The life you improve might be your own.

Love and Light,

Les Jensen


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