That place of ease has information for you

Karma has layers to it. Karma has a multitude of elements that make up your overall vibe. For most of us, we never come “all the way out” of our thoughts and feelings. The thing is, as long as we are engaged in a karmic pattern, we are not completely at ease. That makes it harder to receive. It also masks our own karmic tendencies too.

To be still, is to be in the place from which we watch our own demeanor. And there is another aspect to the stillness of ease. That is where we find Peace and Love too. Peace and Love are a field. They do not require sentences. They were there before there were even sentences. Before the ego existed. Before any ego existed. Ever.

Take a deep breath. And now take another, only slower. And one more, this time feeling your whole body relax even more. There, you are on your way to a greater sense of ease in this moment. Breathing can be a great way to unwind yourself. To shake off the karmic stories that are running in the background of our subconscious. Music can also take us there. Do you have a favorite song? One that makes you remember simpler days?

And then there is another way to add to our options. And that is taking Epsom salt baths. Soakers. Take a cup or two of Epsom salts and draw a bath as hot as is comfortable for you. Feel free to add drops of essential oils if you so choose. And just soak.The salt will absorb the fragmented energy present in and on your body. I suggest you soak for 30 to 60 minutes. Embellish it with a candle or relaxing music if you like. And breathe. Epsom salt baths are a great way to wash away the stress of a trying day or event, or if you find yourself all wound up. Take a soak, and feel how you feel after you have soaked it all away. Bliss!

As we unwind ourselves, we are approaching that inner peace. That inner place of ease. And it is from that vantage point that the gifts start showing up. When we are already at peace, and we are presented with a choice, we can feel the energy behind that choice. Like a measuring stick. Like a personal compass. If we stay in busy energy, we lose our ability to truly know. The energy of the moment tends to distort our feelings. Kind of like being in a crowded room. Or perhaps having a dozen programs open on our computer. It loads us down.

This ability to stop all of our mental and emotional chatter will show us the way back to our truth. From that stillness we can actually see, hear or feel our karmic patterns restart, either by detecting when new thoughts start up, or when our energy shifts while re-acting to emotional triggers. This moves what was previously subconscious into our conscious awareness. This is the first step in resolving the karma of our past.

Take the time to find that place of ease within you now. Learn to live there. Park it there. Be still … and know that God is with you. To know how to stop all of your karmic dogma is a very powerful place in which to live. Watch your inner space. Look inside. Not for sentences, but for very high vibrations. Those of Peace and Love. The doorway to your own personal heaven within. For the kingdom of heaven is within you now.

Love and Light,

Les Jensen


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