What does Love have to offer us?
We set ourselves up. We buried treasures to ensure our return. We prepared the way. We, as souls, made agreements for very powerful benevolent BEings to be waiting for us. There are many guides coming forward right now … to remind us of who we really are.

You might think that us humans, on this planet Earth, are the struggling BEings. Sure enough, there is plenty of struggle going on in this world. But make no mistake. Through the eyes of those benevolent BEings of Love, WE are the giants. You and me. The Titans. The enormously powerful BEings of Light.

Human BEings on planet Earth are living in the MOST powerful times of our human history. Right now. Right here. Those BEings that are here to remind us, are in awe of Us. We are the ones that have taken on the Hero’s journey. We are the ones that traveled so far from the Light of Love that we learned the sorrow of pain and suffering. To have traversed human condition is raw Power. The loss of the power of Love as we traveled farther into the darkness. And the return of our Divine power by re-embodying the Light of Love. To be powerful is to traverse consciousness itself. You are here to do just that.

Do not look any further than your own life. For an exceptional story. For an exceptional purpose. Keep in mind that human consciousness is exponential. It is Power itself. Personified. For in the beginning, there was no time or space. There was no mass or matter. There was only Light. Pure white Light. And you were there. Remember that this experience, this canvas of creation, IS Light. It is a holographic projection of consciousness. A hologram has ALL components within it. Components like time and space. Like spectrums of karmic identities. Like all of the emotions possible. The mystics and sages of all time speak of One-ness. One. One mind. One Heart.

In the hologram of our human potential, we are having a human experience. What are your human traits? Where does your DNA come from? What is the lineage of your ancestral tree? What if you were born 500 years ago? Or 500 years from now? We are living a chapter of a very long story. And the story does not have an end.There is no end-game. Life expresses its nature in every moment. In this moment. Now. In thischapter, we are remembering. Who are we really? What is our truth?

The gift of this chapter is Love itself. Love. To understand how far we have traveled from the Light of Love, we would see vast aspects of our individual selves awaiting our re-discovery of ourselves. The journey awaits Inside of us. Everything we seek is within us now. Including the full bright white Light of Divine Love. The entire span of our human potential exists within each one of us. In what flavors of darkness did you hide your truth? What are the most pronounced karmic lessons in this lifetime? Going through those karmic elements stored within your own personal energy persona IS the journey back home.

To expand your ability to Love, learn to accept All That Is right now. Learn to see the Divinity of All BEings. All of it. Both Light and Shadow are the Dance of Love. ~ Rumi. Look to accept all that you are right now. Forgive any judgment that you might have brought to yourself. Forgive any notion that your past is anything but perfect. Nobody has ever broken a karmic law. You are innocent. You are entitled. Your are the thing itself. Your relationship with Life IS Divine … no matter what the story would have you think. Learn to accept all of you, so that you can embody more Love for your life. More Love for yourself. You are Love personified. Let Love open the doors to your Heart. Purify your relationship with your past. And live in the Light of Love.

Love You!

Les Jensen


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