The time has come to live your Divine potential

The villains have been revealed. The desires for change have been heard. There is a strong yearning for Peace, Justice, Prosperity and a renewed sense of Community. The beginnings of Heaven on Earth.

Cue the Super Hero (You!).

You have been to wardrobe. (That cape really makes the color of your eyes shine 😉

You have been to makeup, but your radiant shine made all of that unnecessary.

You started reading your script but you threw it away, deciding to “Just Wing It.” (The sign of an expert Super Hero.)

Your life up to now has helped you shape your own desires. What you prefer. You know your favorite foods. And the soundtrack? It plays all of your favorites. The scene is set in this exact spot. You have taken all of the “karma classes” that have prepared you for the scene where the Super Hero (You living at the Soul Level) enters the play.

You have honed your piercing vision, cutting through the illusions of the material word. You have purified your heart. And thus, empty words no longer attract your attention. You have come to understand your Divinity. You know that however the scenes play out, you are safe. You trust your own Divinity. Giving you courage to show up in a BIG way. Always compatible with your happiness. Your Ego knows that the inspiration, during every scene, is all the guidance you need. And your ability to relax and settle into your role is remarkable. You bring such a sense of grace and ease to your presence. Almost like you are channeling God/Goddess.

Are you trusting life? Are you living as if there weren’t ANY doubt that your dreams ARE the script of your Soul? You are here to play out your life as you see fit. Yet, if our Ego can’t embody the Super Hero gene, the dream can’t really be fulfilled. Not at the level that is possible. It does take effort to “bring yourself about.” To bring your strength and knowingness into alignment with your adventurous role of the Super Hero of this next chapter of our human story.

It’s an incremental change that is brought to the common actor/actress playing the Super Hero role. I mean, did you always really know and trust the timelessness of your Soul? Did you know that you are not your ego? That you ego was grown on you from the day of your birth? And then to realize it is the Divine itself that is behind all your desires and passions?

You got this! You ARE the Divine incarnate. There is no other person on this planet that has more worthiness to lead an exceptional life. It is God/Goddess’ good pleasure to give you the Kingdom (of Heaven). Take it! Live It!

You bring the best possible outcome to the scene when you fully embody your own authentic truth!

To Infinity and Beyond!

Love You.

Les Jensen


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