What IS Love all about?

When we talk about Love, there can be quite a variety of reactions. Love, by itself, is a very powerful topic. Sometimes people avoid it. Or hold it at arm’s length. We can remember times when our heart was broken falling out of Love. But Love, unconditional Love, is something that heals. How can it be? Does Love hurt or heal?

Enter Karma. Like Darth Vader, walking out of hiding. Karma holds the pain. Love, itself, does not hurt. But the karma we pick up along the way is where we get a painful feeling to Love. When we first come into this earthly plane, we are innocent. Then we start up the karmic momentum. Our karmic posturing with what is. Karma itself is a sort of posturing with the present moment. It is only in this NOW that we can change our karmic disposition.

The duality of our earthly experience is the canvas of our karma. In the field of One-ness (non-duality) there is no karma. There is no separate sense of self to experience any sense of loss or suffering. Yet this karmic canvas has such a rich and deep arena of human connection. Those close relationships that we can have with other human beings. It is in those relationships that a sense of loss or suffering can come from Love.

Perhaps the most obvious examples would be that of the parent-child relationship. Parents can have such unconditional Love for their children, that to suffer the loss of a child, can bring such a feeling of loss. A loss of the connection of Love. The place where we feel pain as it relates to Loving another. One human being losing a Loving connection with another human being.

Yet, if we take a BIG step back, there was always a plan. As Souls, we chose to have those experiences of Love. To Love another, and then to experience the many forms of seeming separation. The root of pain behind Loving another. Now compound that sense of loss with the stories told over the last several chapters of our human story. Those chapters are loaded with intentional infliction of suffering on another. The brutality we have dished out, through war, slavery and malice. How can it be, that eternal Souls could choose such paradigms to live out on this earthly plane?

But here we are. Living in a time where there is still such a brutal storyline in our human history. The karma of being alive now is an exceptional time. Many Souls didn’t dare incarnate now. It was only those Souls who were brave enough to take on the challenge of incarnating into such karmic chaos now who might have the ability to find Love in the darkest of our human story.

And to be present in THIS lifetime, I suggest, is a most powerful time to be alive. A most powerful platform to experience Love. To Love in the presence of such darkness affords the most extreme experience of feeling unconditional Love. We, as Souls, chose to have this experience. Make no mistake, if you are here now, YOU are a most powerful and brave Soul.

Own your Divinity. Own your Soul’s choice. Own your ability to Love. Practice Loving everything you can about life. The beauty of the sunrise. The smell of coffee in the morning. The smile on a happy face. The connections with other Souls playing out their human story. When you expand your ability to Love, YOU are the change for all of humanity. You are the vehicle of Divine Love making its way back into the darkness. You are the One bringing the unconditional Love back to the human story. And there is no bolder story in ALL of creation. That’s how powerful YOU are. A most advanced Soul bringing Light into the darkness. Divine Love expressed as You!

Let the Love melt the memory of pain. Love You!

Les Jensen


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