Going Up … Going Down

The Evolution of Consciousness

From the Light, into the shadow, and then the return to Light. A timeless journey.

From the Light.

In the beginning … was the Light. And it was without form. There was no duality, or form. If you were to go to the absolute core of yourself, you would find the Light. A non-local field of Source Consciousness. And if I were to do the same, I would find the Light as well. It is not like we would both be there, but rather, there would be no “us” there. We would be One.

As I have shared before, my Soul dragged my ego there. To show me the total realm of human consciousness. The Light is beyond the description of words (symbols). You can (kind of) get a sense for this if you were to look at a light bulb, shining bright, and then move closer until 100% of your vision was full-intensity light. In the actual Light, there is no duality … at all. No here. No there. No where. No now. No then. No when. No time. No space. No duality whatsoever.

From this place of Light, everything was created. The light is Source Consciousness, also called God. The Father (God) and I are One … now.

Enter … the Shadow.

In order to express itself, Source consciousness created duality. The beginning of all creation. Every time Source Consciousness split into more (and more) representations of itself, it took on a karma of sorts. Entering into the shadow. “Descending” into form. As Source took on more and more expressions of itself, it was going “down” in consciousness. Towards total separation. Total separation like we have in our human form here on Earth. Millions, if not billions, of people here on Earth have no knowledge of their Divinity. We, as souls, chose to incarnate into ignorance. As we take on (the sense) of separation, we shift our perception into our egos. When our egos feel extreme separation, we can lash out in fear. With a volatile sense of self. Where if we don’t preserve and protect our ego’s sense of self, we could perish, seemingly forever. This lashing out is the root motivation of wars and suffering.

As we take on separation, we are reducing our personal power. We are loading up our subconscious with unresolved karmic stigmas and postures. Taken to an extreme, we can see the archetype of a homeless person. With no sense of self. So sense of personal power. If they catch a cold tonight, they may die. The villains are another example of extreme separation. They have their entire sense of self tied up in control and conquering others. Hoarding “wealth” to try to fill in the emptiness they feel inside of themselves. Lashing out at anything that threatens their accumulated sense of self.

The return (to the Light).

At some point, in the timeless cycle of a Soul, comes the decision to return to the Light. This is where we are now. Where the Collective Soul of humanity is (finally) desiring a more authentic, and more integrated, sense of self. We do this by the process of re-integration of ourselves. Resolving our subconscious karmic stigmas. As we do this, we are moving back to the Light. We are re-constituting our Divine Power. Jesus was fully conscious. He didn’t have a subconscious. By being fully integrated, he had total dominion over his Divine Authority. All of the listed miracles he performed were a result of total consciousness. And these experiences are the natural outcome of your consciousness as you ascend back into Source Consciousness.

Faith is the notion of no thought contrary. No subconscious thoughts or beliefs that are contrary to the desired intention. As such, Jesus performed the instantaneous manifestation of his intentions. Where 100 percent of his consciousness was in step with itself. No division or separation of thoughts or intents. And, of course, he promised us the same experience for ourselves. It is, perhaps, a matter of (Divine) physics. He could, as he demonstrated to two of his followers, turn himself completely into Light. Source Consciousness.

Pure Authentic You!

Purity is the realm of Source Consciousness. No dilution. No separation(s).

Authenticity is where all of your intent(s) are in step with each other. In other words, none of your intentions are inauthentic. Authenticity is what allows you to stay grounded and centered no matter what is happening around you. You can’t burn out, if you are staying authentic to yourself.

You … as Source Consciousness (incarnate). You are the thing itself right now.

Love You!



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