When Your Ego Finds Your Soul

Where are You going?

For the vast majority of people, they live their lives in their heads. In their egos. It can feel quite comfortable there. You choose what you want. It can seem like you have a good handle on your life. Perhaps a very manageable existence. Your ego is managing … everything out there. The car, the house, the job. It can seem like everything is under (the ego’s) control.

(But) Everything happens energetically first. In other words, the field of creation, the birthplace of all change, does not have a physical form. It is undetectable by our five senses. If you were to go visit a (good) psychic, they would be reading the energy of what you are about to manifest. It doesn’t mean that it is a done deal. It doesn’t become “reality” until the atoms move. Until it shows up in physical form.

You could think of it as a whip. There is the handle of a whip, and then there is the tip of the whip. Your ego is the tip of the whip. And your Soul is the handle of the whip. The tip of the whip has no control to speak of. It is the handle of the whip, in this metaphor, that decides where the tip goes. That is why your Soul can “drag you through the weeds” until your ego can figure something out.

Everything happens energetically first. So, when you have unresolved energy (karma) in your subconscious, you are setting yourself up for the same outcome, no matter what your ego wants. The handle of the whip, the source of what you create, is the energy (karma) that you have within your own personal energy persona.

“I have married the same (type of) guy three times now. All of my husbands have cheated on me.” This is the tip of the whip … complaining about the manifestation of the handle of the whip … which is the unresolved energy (karma) within their own subconscious. This pattern will continue until the energy (karma) is cleansed.

Does the ego of the homeless person want relief from the suffering? Does the want of the ego instantly transform the human condition? Oh, hell no! If all it took were the single-sentence desire of the ego, we would all be magicians.

We have accumulated our karma over many lifetimes. In other words, we have loaded up our personal energy personas with unresolved energy (karma). When the cosmic two-by-four cracked me open, it was my Soul FINALLY getting my ego’s attention. Until that moment, I had no idea that I had the proverbial “Elephant in the Room.” In my case, it was an immense amount of unresolved emotional energy in my subconscious, that was dictating my every day. A HUGE player in how I would be experiencing my life. Yet my ego, up until that moment, had no idea that it was a very small aspect of what actually created my everyday experience. I could have clicked off a few more decades before I discovered the Elephant in the Room. Indeed, I spent the first several decades of my life completely clueless as to what was driving my life.

Once my ego finally started paying attention, I started noticing my Soul trying to guide me. “Write a book,” my heart and soul would say. And at first, my ego would argue over it. Who ME? Oh, hell no! I don’t know Jack about that. Nobody wants to read what I would write.

“Let your guard down.” Oh, hell no! I don’t want to be walked on.

“Say how you feel.” Oh, hell no! I don’t want to appear weak.

You get the idea.

But once your ego finds your Soul, and then actually honors its inspiration and wisdom, well THEN, all of life changes. It can take some effort, but what you are actually doing, is moving your point of creation into the energetic field of creation. In other words, when you start to honor the energy behind your desires, from the Soul level, you start to chart a path out of your karma. You start to choose events that help you release the unresolved energy within you. Your Soul has no problem crying, and thus releasing, the suppressed feelings of your past. Shrinking that proverbial Elephant from your past. The energy has to release, out of your subconscious, to no longer have effect in your life. The process of creation starts off as the energy of our consciousness. Inspiration is the birthplace of change. The energy behind our inspiration is where all change starts.

Once you develop habits of release, where you are purging the energy (karma) of your subconscious, you are purifying your personal energy persona. As you purify your energy, your ego is shifting its own energy towards becoming in alignment with your Soul. You can bring the vibrational frequency of your ego into alignment with your Soul. Your ego starts following the inspiration of the moment. Where your Soul can guide you all throughout your day. That’s when it really gets exciting. Once you have tasted that, your ego will let go of wanting to manage the world outside of you, and just create your world from within yourself. Energetically programming the quantum filed with what you want to experience. What you want reflecting back to you. The place of the mystic. The magician. The creator … incarnate.

Let go … and follow the wisdom of your Heart and Soul.

Love You



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