Taking it on the Chin

When are you going to learn?

Where do you stand? What do you (really) believe in? What?

There is certainly a bit of a tug-of-war going on in the media. Both Social and Mainstream media.

Whether it is a discussion about what the best way is to handle our health, or perhaps, the political arena(s). Or any other of the many topics that are being debated online. It can take a bit of self-confidence to navigate your own personal evolution. Every time we raise our consciousness, we are shifting our perspective of our own life. When we share these new perspectives, we can get pushback. We can get critical feedback about our new perspectives.

There is a gigantic evolution of human consciousness going on right now. And thank God. If we truly want to live in a better world, then change is a requirement. But often, when we talk about change, fear can raise its head, and want to shut down the whole idea of change. There can be a sense of safety that says, if I live my life this way, I will be safe. The notion of safety does have a shadow side. We can bring our own demise around, all while (trying) to stay safe. Our minds want to know the outcome of our decisions, preferably before we actually make those decisions. Our mind measures the “safety” of our decisions based on what has “worked” in the past. In other words, our mind will sift through our various experiences and choose a similar choice, hoping to create a similar outcome. This is a karmic tragedy.

In truth, the design of the human genome isn’t even based on the mind navigating our lives. The Divine idea of the human persona is based on a Heart/Soul led life. Where our daily choices are made based on the wisdom of our heart and soul. Our mind can’t even comprehend what is possible for our lives. This idea of following our heart and soul is so foreign to what we have been taught. It is also not very common in our human demeanor.

Humanity overall is making a change. That just might be the understatement of all time. LOL. We are making a massive change in our collective human narrative. Changes so profound, there really isn’t a time in our whole history to compare to the scale of changes that are happening now. And in order to be able to embody the new ideas for humanity, we have to abandon our old beliefs and arenas of “safety.” For if we place safety before change, we are doomed.

There are millions of folks who, given the option, would choose to return to the world of 2019. Yes, please, return us to “normal.” Normal, by its very nature, means more of the same. And yet, in the past year and a half, we have been shown so many deep issues on how we had been living. Corruption, war, deceit, and exploitation and such have been revealed on a massive scale. Massive.

What kind of a future do you want? Really. What kind? We have to go through the cleansing and healing of our incongruities in order to come out on the other side of what ails us. In order to do this, we have to embody what we prefer. To walk our talk. To be able to stand up for our preferences. If the first time we are confronted we back down, and if we avoid holding any beliefs that might rock the boat in order to avoid engaging in any conflicting beliefs, we will not be able to truly embody what it is we prefer. No matter what those preferences really are. It is not like we have to argue or engage in unproductive banter. But in order to bring in new ideas, we might need to take a few verbal blows by those who would prefer us to just keep everything the way they are. To play it safe. To not bring any drastic changes into our human narrative.

Over the centuries, perhaps a billion prayers or more have been prayed for the ending of suffering on the planet. In order for that to happen, we do need massive changes. The seeds of those changes are not going to be popular to everyone. Yet, if we can’t “take it on the chin” when others are threatened by the changes we represent, we cannot really claim the future we would prefer.

You know why you are here. You know, at a deep level, what you would prefer to happen. Don’t let any fear in your mind decide your future for you. It is time to trust ourselves at an uncommon level. It can seem daunting when we go to step into our truth. But trust, that it is indeed, that truth, that will be what brings us what we have been wanting. What we deserve. None other than Heaven on Earth.

Love You!



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