Not Over, Not Around … But Through

You can’t get there through the back door

There is a part of our evolution of consciousness that we cannot avoid.

Well, we can avoid it. And many of us do, at great expense. And that is our emotions. Or perhaps, our emotional education. There is a very good reason that we can’t avoid it. Well, yes, we CAN avoid it, but why we might want to not avoid it IS a choice.

There is a multidimensional aspect of our Soul. We are far more multidimensional than we are 3D. In other words, as we evolve our consciousness, we open up to higher realms of consciousness. These dimensions were there all the time, but if we had a habit of avoiding our emotions, and just stockpiling them in our subconscious, we kept ourselves out of alignment with the higher realms of our own consciousness.

In order to navigate the non-physical realms of our own consciousness, we will need to master the art of emotional intelligence. For emotions are the doorway to our higher consciousness. And our emotional intelligence is how we learn to navigate in those non-physical realms.

If you think about the notion of avoiding, and thus stockpiling, your emotions, it keeps your overall energetic vibration very low. Energetically disconnected from the higher consciousness within your own BEing. You might say that the lower vibrational realms, where most of humanity live, are the arenas of the ego. Where the ego decides everything. And the ego is notorious for avoiding emotional arenas like the plague.

For myself, I had stockpiled huge amounts of anger within my subconscious. And my ego was two things. One, not conscious of the anger. And two, scared to death about my anger. Wait … what? If my ego didn’t know about my anger, how could it be afraid of it? Well, the best way I can describe it is like this. My conscious mind, or ego, had no idea that I had a subconscious habit of avoiding ALL circumstances that might, that just might, bring about an angry response. Although the habit of avoiding the emotions of anger was operating below my radar, my conscious mind had no idea that many of my day-in-and-day-out choices were mysteriously absent from my conscious mind’s awareness. In other words, there were many choices that might have accelerated my conscious evolution, that NEVER came into my awareness because they had an emotional risk to them.

There were decades where anger never helped me. Yes, I said anger could have helped me. Anger, like all the other emotions, is a natural feedback system. Telling us how we see ourselves in our daily encounters and experiences. Anger is a gem of an emotion. Yes, a gem. It tells me when I am not congruent with myself. Oftentimes people will interpret anger, as a response towards the stimulus, or trigger. But our emotions are never about others. They always are telling us about ourselves. The emotions we feel, evolve, as we ourselves evolve. As we shift out of the victim mentality, and clean out our own karmic dogma, the emotions we have, with the exact same encounter, shift as well.

We eventually shift out of the blame/victim mindset, and own our own condition. As we do that, we also shift out of the lower vibrational emotions of our past. Even to the point of not taking anything personally. For if we are having a re-action, we always create the same re-sults from that habitual re-action. Keeping us karmically stuck.

As we learn to allow ourselves to feel our emotions, and then to mentally ponder what we would have to think about ourselves to feel that way, we start our emotional education in earnest. As we learn to listen to our emotions, all throughout our day, we can navigate out of the re-active emotional patterns that have kept us in the lower vibrational arena.

As we raise our consciousness, we shift IN-to resonance with a whole new arena of information. Where the choices we have, moment by moment, become more clear. It becomes easier to recognize choices that were always there, but we were not in energetic resonance with, that can guide us through the karmic challenges of our day. Where our new information guides us much more easily through our day. We tend to stay centered. We tend to make better choices. We tend to arrive at the end of our day without the emotional fatigue of the past.

Once we “break out” of our emotional avoidance, and learn what all our various emotions are showing us, it becomes much more easy to choose things that nurture us and support us in ways we never imagined. This gives us the information to handle ALL of the energies of our day. Physical and non-physical. As we raise our consciousness into the spiritual realm, it is our emotional intelligence that gives us the skill to navigate anything we may come across.

Emotional Aerobics is the way to get fit for the higher realms of consciousness.

One and two .. and … one and two …

Love You!



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