Changing your narrative. How hard are you holding on?

Flushing Your Subconscious

How nimble are you? How quickly can you adjust?

Your heart is a non-linear consciousness. Knowing all about You. Yet, if our ego can’t keep in step with our hearts, it creates an emotional turbulence in our lives. This emotional turbulence creates an undercurrent of stress and anxiety to our ego. So let’s help our egos stretch their sense of Self. And there is nothing better than our imagination to stretch our sense of Self.

Imagine you walk into a DVD store. OK, DVD’s were old 10 years ago, I know. But just imagine with me. So, you walk into a DVD store. There are so many genres in the store. Narratives about archetypes playing out some narratives. And as you enter, you pause and reflect on your existing narratives, and the corresponding archetypes that you are playing out now in your life. Perhaps, just as an example, mother, student, employee, volunteer… as the top few archetypes you are living out.

Now daydream the notion of a hero. So, using this same, made-up example… what would the hero archetype look like? Well, a woman, as demonstrated by our history, perhaps Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Lady Diana, etc. Very large players on the global scene.

So, as you walk into the DVD store, imagine your life and the various archetypes you are playing out right now. And then shift to a daydream of what you could be playing out. If you got motivated enough. Focused enough. Excited enough. Not as some kind of requirement, but just a simple, lighthearted exercise to establish some sort of scale.

So, since we are daydreaming, we can let go of boundaries. Daydream what a personification of you could look like in say … 20 years. Two decades. Let’s throw in support, so our ego can let go of how it will happen. Let’s say you have an older relative leave you more money than you could imagine. So resources are aplenty. Are you with me? We are eliminating any excuses our egos might come up with in this dream.

How BIG could you imagine for yourself? There is no wrong answer. But, you might come up with some metric in your daydream. Just multiply that by 100, or perhaps 1,000 or more. Giving yourself permission to trade in any archetypes you are playing out now, and loading up on any or all of the archetypes that you would need to pull this off. Perhaps archetypes like the super-organized. Or perhaps super-creative. Throw in some courage, boldness, and tenacity. How would it feel to choose some powerful archetypes? Are you breaking generational “standards?” A baseline of acceptable execution?

Let me be crystal clear, this is not intended for you to judge yourself, wherever you are in your life right now.

But, if indeed there is any chance that you might, just might, exhaust your Divine potentials, you will need to think very BIG for yourself.

Can you do that, or are you holding on to the old narratives? The old measuring sticks?

You are living in the era of the internet. All the information about learning most anything you want/need to, available at your fingertips. Search for success stories of the people who have played out very powerful narratives. They did this with the resources of the past. Today’s resources allow much bigger narratives to be possible. 3D printing… you can make a prototype… today. CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. Massive manufacturing potentials, that our ancestors never had an opportunity to utilize. That are available to you. If you so choose.

We are living in a very resource-rich environment. If there has ever been a generation to think BIG and then expect it to happen… it would be us.

I grew up with a generation that took on huge projects. For example, the Apollo space program. Apollo had 400,000 people working for over a decade to accomplish one goal. Or go back even further. To the Hoover Dam project. Do an internet search about how much logistics were needed to pull off Hoover Dam. And that happened in the 1930’s. Certainly your dreams are possible.

I challenge my ego all the time about what is possible in my life. And I catch my ego resisting me scaling my vision(s) up.

Nothing is required. You can choose anything you want. Always could.

But what will you choose? Don’t tell me. But DO tell you.

Love You!



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