The Re-constitution of Your Soul

RE-uniting all that has been separated

In the beginning, of your Soul, there was no separation. No fragmentation. But there was no experience either. We, as Souls, incarnate for the Human experience. In the inevitable existence as a human, we come across experiences that start to fragment our consciousness. Perhaps a clear example is the before/after of a war veteran. PTSD is a clear example of the fragmentation of a Soul. I use this extreme example, for its clarity.

But we can become fragmented in our everyday lives as well. If we enter into judgment about people who are doing things we just don’t like … or even hate … we create a posture. Karma is created when we posture with what is.

But Les, there are very evil people in the world. Yes, indeed. There is the ugliest of uglies on this planet. Yes, I know. But, living on a planet with fierce free will, and a very deep vein of fear woven into the collective for eons of time, the ugliest things possible are just that … possible.

Planet Earth is probably the most advanced class a Soul could be taking in the extreme examples of karma. If you can incarnate onto a planet that has been anchored in the darkest of karma, and still find your light … well then, you would be graduating from perhaps the most advanced classroom in the galaxy.

Do you think you got this far, to this master-class level, only living on the good (not “evil”) side of consciousness? Or, perhaps, you have lived out both sides of karma. Perhaps you have been the church leaders, sentencing the local witches to be burned alive in the town square (talk about evil). And perhaps you have been the witch, sentenced to death in the town square. With your husband and children watching it all in horror (a living hell).

As Souls, none of us (our Souls) have ever died on Earth. In other words, we are timeless Souls, taking on lifetime after lifetime. Playing out both sides of right/wrong, good/bad, light/dark. No matter what happens here on Earth, the continuity of your consciousness is assured. You will continue on … no matter what.

You ARE here. You are here NOW. You are here on planet Earth in one of the most transformational times the planet has ever seen. The transformation of a PLANET! Sweet Jesus. An opportunity to do that only comes along once in perhaps many thousands of lifetimes. And you made the roster. You made the choice. You decided to be here now. In the thick of it all. Wow, I salute YOU!

To re-construct your Soul, to put the pieces back together, is an inside job. As you raise your consciousness, you will re-connect with those moments where you had fragmented yourself in the past. This is the journey home. This is the journey back to wholeness. Your essence was never lost. But the many times you had fragmented your consciousness, or Soul, will need to be re-united. The re-constitution of your Soul is the purpose of this lifetime of yours.

One thousand years of peace has been prophesied for planet Earth for perhaps thousands of years. We are at that doorway now. What will anchor Heaven on Earth? The wholeness of our consciousness. In other words, when we are fragmented, so is our reflection in the quantum mirror. We do not experience a harmonious experience. Once we re-unite our past, we are raising our consciousness back into the Light. The Light of Love itself. Once we are no longer divided within ourselves, we will be the embodiment of Light/Love. And the quantum field will reflect that, Light and Love, back to us. Unconditional Love being reflected back to itself. Heaven itself.

Learn how to Love all that is … just as it is … right now. And then pro-actively focus on what you want.

Create that!

Love You!



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