Swept Away in the Karmic Current

Where did you go?

There is a bit of dichotomy when it comes to karma.

On one hand, you could easily think of karma as density. Or, perhaps, viscosity. If we think of the density aspect, we could see those who have loaded up their psyche with karma, as having a very dense energy. They are “heavy” with karma and thus it is very difficult to move (change) where they are. Or perhaps, the viscosity aspect could be thought of as standing in an empty swimming pool. Say, perhaps, the goal is to just walk 20 feet. If the pool is empty, it is an effortless success. Then by adding water (karma) up to the waist, well then, the effort is greater. Then again, imagine the water up to your neck. Perhaps much more energy is needed. But then, let’s even change the viscosity, from that of water, to that of taffy or cold molasses. Well now, it might take a lot of time. How about wet concrete? You get the idea. As we use a denser viscosity, the amount of effort goes up. At some point we deem it impossible to reach our goal.

On the other hand, we could use velocity and ease to illustrate the effects of karma. The velocity thing is very similar to the swimming pool metaphor. But let’s use the metaphor of a cruise ship and a jet ski. The velocity of these two are night-and-day different. The cruise ship might need a lot of time just to turn around. Yet the jet ski can turn on a dime. If we are trying to reach our goal, the nimbleness of the jet ski allows us to hone our direction and accelerate toward what we want very quickly. You can think of Jesus here. What the … where did all these hungry people come from? You guys need food! Poof! Very easy manifestation that happens very quickly. A jet ski type of effect. And then there is a homeless person, loaded up like a fully loaded cruise ship. What I want is over there. I have to stay focused for a long time to get there. And it will take all my effort to move my massive karmic ass (imprinting) into the new narrative.

If you look at the multitude of people on the planet, we are all operating at very different velocities with a very diverse sense of ease, or the lack of ease … as if we are all experiencing our own viscosity in our own individual proverbial pools.

How do you measure your own (karmic) dynamic?

How long do you stay upset? How long do your emotional events last? How long does it take you to manifest what you want?

Being swept away from the karmic current of the collective is a very common experience. There is a mass consciousness “out there.” In 2019, the collective consciousness was moving in a quite established direction. (Most) everyone had a sense of normalcy to their lives.

Cue the karmic tsunami (2020).

Now, today, millions of people are still tumbling in the chaotic current of last year. Don’t get me wrong, the more karma you have, the longer it takes you to properly process the change(s) in your dynamic. The more karma you have, the more fragmented your sense of self is. The more fragmented you are, the more karmic current of change stirs up your unresolved karmic energy in your subconscious. Where you feel upset and disoriented very easily. Your (karmic) density is what makes the karmic current, of the collective consciousness, able to drag you around.

As we cleanse the unresolved energy within us, we lighten our density. We energetically disconnect from the karma of the collective. We quicken our velocity. We are able to stay focused when the world around us ebbs and flows as the karmic tsunami blows through. It is easier, and quicker, for us to have reactions to the influence of the collective. It is much easier for us to stay grounded, and thus focused, on what we want … even while the news headlines talk about the next upheaval.

To work on your own personal energy persona, is to traverse out of the karmic chaos of the collective. To unload your karmic density. To set yourself free, really.

You are a timeless Soul. An infinite personification of Source Consciousness. No matter what happens in this lifetime of yours, the essence of your consciousness continues. No matter what. You are safe. You are safe. You are safe.

If you don’t exercise, you will not get (more) fit. If you don’t work on cleansing your personal energy persona, you will not change your karmic disposition. As always, the choice is yours.

Love You!




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