Faith: Having no thought contrary

Where are You going?

Just like a new sheet of paper, pure white, undiluted, you can create any image on it as you so choose. Or perhaps the metaphor of new film. No blemishes or distortions, ready for a clean image capture. I have always liked newly fallen snow as an indicator of purity. Pure white.

If we think of faith, having no thought contrary, we can think of new film as a “virgin” exposure. No previous imprinting. This purity can be found in the metaphor of the Phoenix rising. Where the fire has cleansed and purged any old dogmas.

If we think of a mirror, there is no effort there… at all. With exactly the same effort, or perhaps ease, the mirror will easily show us the blemish on our cheek, or the Milky Way galaxy. No difference whatsoever.

The physics of the quantum realm are very much like that of a mirror. Reflecting our own personal energy persona back at us. And we call that reflection, as we are experiencing it, (our) karma.

Pure Authentic YOU!

When you move towards purity, you are moving towards being a more powerful presence within your own persona. The sleeper aspect of this is changing the outcome, at the mirror level, not by trying to manipulate or control our already manifested life. In other words, you can study your reflection, of the quantum mirror, and see attributes within you, that are part of the reflection, but do not support you. As you learn how to recognize those, and energetically cleanse them out of your personal energy persona, you are moving towards your Christ Consciousness. No thought(s) contrary.

The (metaphorical) business contract (the quantum mirror) doesn’t care if the signing generates a million meals for the homeless, or a billion meals for the homeless. Or a trillion. The quantum mirror will gladly manifest it with equal effort. The quantum mirror has no bias of its own. Quantum Consciousness is equal to Christ Consciousness. Get your Christ (Consciousness) on!

So, part of spiritual awakening, is to be able to think/manifest at scale. Always a choice for what you actually choose. It’s always your call.

Make the call.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Love You!



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