big T LITTLE t … what’s the Truth?

Some “truths” are not the Big truth

Is the world safe? Or is it dangerous? Which one is the “real” truth?

To answer that question you could consider where people lived. If you lived on a large homestead in the middle of nowhere, you might say that the world is pretty safe. Whereas if you lived in a violent prison or perhaps a rough neighborhood, you could say life is dangerous. And both of you would be “correct.” A subjective truth.

Can you walk on water? Ever? Jesus has told us that we will do everything that he has done … and more.

Truth with a big ‘T’ is a very small pond.

Whereas truth with a little ‘t’ is a huge ocean.

It is done unto you as you believe.

The “active” ingredient in a placebo … isn’t a thing. It is your own consciousness. Will this pill (placebo) heal you? It is truly your call. Placebos work both ways too. This belief (placebo) will heal you. This “belief” will kill you. You are a powerful manifestor.

There is an effect, or belief, that the vast majority of people on the planet have. It gets anchored in their minds as they grow up. It is the notion that the world is a solid physical place with very rigid laws of physics. And, on one level, it certainly is … because we believe it to be. This belief, perhaps, is a much more subconscious belief than a conscious belief. But still, it is a belief.

All the miracles that the various sages, alchemists, saviors, and such have performed over eons of time, reveal a different world than a rigid 3D world. We are promised to have those experiences too. But they will only come about as we change our own beliefs that such things are possible. Our Western academics anchor the notion of a 3D world. Whereas the Kama Sutra yogas, taught in the ancient Eastern schools, teach the transcendence of the physical realm. And the yogis have demonstrated supernormal effects. Two completely different belief systems with two vastly different outcomes.

Part of the karma of the collective consciousness is the common beliefs that are reinforced by the collective. Yet, if you look at the hero archetype, the hero sees, or believes, a different outcome is possible. The hero, by its very definition, sees possibilities that the common people cannot believe for themselves. The hero, you could say, transcends the belief systems of the village (collective).

Are you conscious about what you are manifesting? Would it serve you to take inventory of your belief systems? Both conscious and subconscious?

Look with soft eyes at what other people are manifesting. In other words, when you see someone very emotional about various topics, know that they have created beliefs for themselves that are manifesting a corresponding result. Yet, to see that it is only one of billions of possibilities allows you to not take their “truths” as a rigid fact.

I would think that if we could “magically” travel through the entire galaxy, we would find civilizations that are living what we would consider miraculous lives. Hell, for that matter, imagine taking your cell phone up to a pilgrim, just a few hundred years ago, and showing them the simple “cell phone” experience that billions of everyday people on this planet consider “normal.” To them, it might be labeled sorcery, and we would be burned at the stake for such “black” magic. lol.

To take inventory of the belief systems you were raised with is a very powerful thing to do. And then to imagine what might be possible if you were to hone your beliefs into something that you would prefer more, is the beginning of sculpting your life experiences … as you prefer.

Love You!



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