The Beginning is Near

So what’s it going to be?

We are experiencing a bit of the Phoenix metaphor. Rising from the proverbial ashes. The “normal” of our lives, that perhaps we last experienced in 2019, is gone. The new normal hasn’t “landed” yet.

Sure, certainly the dust hasn’t settled yet. But that is a good thing. At least as it relates to where we land. In other words, with the old “normal” off the table, we get to choose a new “normal.”

You could, perhaps, ask yourself … was your life in 2019 in balance? Did it support and nurture you? Did it have a place for growth? Were you evolving? Honoring the innate desire for expansion? Nature is always seeking to express itself in new ways. You are that nature, expressing itself.

What would you like to be different? If you were to look at your life in 2019, and using the insights that the last two years have given you, what would you like to change?

Left unchecked, the ego can settle in to a very deep sense of “normal.” Normal, by its very nature, provides more of the same. Normal suggest a regular pattern or experience.

I think this is a really good time to try something completely different. Like, perhaps, painting, music or dance. At first blush, it can feel uncomfortable. There can be some resistance to change. The notion of … if I do that … I am not sure what will result from it. Kind of like a wild card.

For myself, writing books, and blogs and such, was not even on my radar. For the first several decades of my life, I had no clue I would awaken to a spiritual life. That I would become a published author. That I would host a podcast. That I would share my philosophies with the world. But in hindsight, these elements are indeed part of a life that my soul had in mind, probably since before I was born. I have learned to listen. I have learned that there is something that happens, once we take that first step in a new direction. When we actually listen, to still our mind and tune in to our inspiration, and then take action … that is the birth of something new. That is harvesting the value and the power of the Phoenix archetype. My new inspiration is to work with people more. To create ways to support people in a more direct way. Perhaps both individually and in groups. I am taking actions to bring that about. I don’t know exactly how my life will change as a result of that … but I do trust it and honor it with my attention, intentions and actions.

I feel that these days are a turning point for many people. Where our lives got turned on their proverbial heads for a reason. It is time, perhaps, for a whole new narrative. A whole new purpose to our lives. Our egos don’t typically like the notion of change. There is a sense of comfort that “normal” can provide. But normal has never “fixed” anything. Change, by its very nature, flies in the face of what was normal.

Humanity is hungry for a better narrative. Certainly, over the past several years, humanity has been challenged in so many ways. Yet, in truth, it is humanity itself that holds the solutions. To hone your own sense of what elements in your life support and nurture you, and what, perhaps, are the elements in your life that have kept you stuck. Avoiding following your own inspiration.

The beginning is near. The beginning of what … is all up to you. As you so choose.

Love You!



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