rewriting our story


The Beginning is Near So what’s it going to be? We are experiencing a bit of the Phoenix metaphor. Rising from the proverbial ashes. The “normal” of our lives, that perhaps we last experienced in 2019, is gone. The new normal hasn’t “landed” yet. Sure, certainly the dust hasn’t settled yet. But that is a good thing. At least as it relates to where we land. In other words, with the old “normal” off the table, we get to choose a new “normal.” You could, perhaps, ask yourself … was your life in 2019 in balance? Did it support and nurture you? Did it have a place for growth? Were you evolving? Honoring the innate desire for expansion? Nature is always seeking to express itself in new ways. You are that nature, expressing itself. What would you like to be different? If you were to look at your life in…