Where Is Your Nirvana?

You ARE sitting in the best seat in the house

What are you looking for? What will it feel like when you get it?

If you are wanting something that will not fulfill you, then perhaps you don’t really want fulfillment. Don’t get me wrong. You can want whatever you want. But then again, if what you want isn’t bringing a sense of fulfillment, then you don’t have the grounds to complain about not feeling fulfilled.

The ego gets to choose. There are no requirements.

But Nirvana. Wow. What would that feel like?

You are sitting in the best seat in the house. I mean … really, nice booty! ;- )

Millions of people are drowning in the mundane. With no sense of fulfillment in their lives. As it is their choice to choose, you too have fierce free will to choose whatever you want.

So, maybe, it really comes down to what do you want? What do you really want?

Don’t tell me … but DO tell you. Get focused. Be honest with yourself. What will it be? What do you intend to create in your life? Raise the sail. Guide the rudder. Intention is the beginning of movement towards something.

Enter the Soul. OK … I know. The soul was here the whole time. Actually, the soul has always been here. Same soul across many lifetimes. Across many incarnations. With a theme or intention for each and every one of them. Including this lifetime of yours.

Enter Nirvana. OK … I know. We do not create enlightenment. We discover it. We are always enlightened within ourselves. Yet our soul chose to incarnate and … forget. Forget the intentions of this lifetime. Forget that we are enlightened right now. That we are God Consciousness incarnate.

Enter Ego. “You.” Your sense of self. Now here is where it really gets interesting. Although you didn’t have an ego the day you were born, this ego of yours, for oh so many people, is running the show, so to speak. Our ego can consume all of our everyday consciousness. The “one that forgot” is the one holding the proverbial steering wheel of our life.

If you can teach your ego how much your ego would enjoy life if it were to hand the proverbial steering wheel over to your soul … well then, the trajectory of your life would most certainly change. For the “better.” When we start to listen to, and honor, the inspiration from our soul, we start to feel a much deeper sense of fulfillment in our life.

Yet, if we live our life in our ego, we are literally disconnecting from our soul. Disconnecting from our (life) purpose. We move into the mundane. The unimportant choices. The unfulfilling life.

You can have the feeling of Nirvana in every day of your life. It comes from the re-integration of your soul. Your ego’s consciousness is fueled by the consciousness of your soul. In other words, your ego has no consciousness to use of its own. It is your soul that provides the consciousness that your ego runs on. Yet your ego can take that consciousness and steer it into the ground, so to speak. Millions of egos are unfulfilled. Searching the external world for some thing that that will bring it a lasting sense of fulfillment. But it will never find that thing outside of itself.

That thing is the Divine Consciousness within you now. That God Consciousness that is fueling the whole rodeo. Go find that, and then learn how to live there … well then, you will start to live a most exceptional life. A very rich and fulfilling life. A life of purpose.

These are most exciting times. Your soul chose to be here. Get your ego on board for the intentions of your soul. If you so choose.

Love You!



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