Changing your narrative. How hard are you holding on? Flushing Your Subconscious How nimble are you? How quickly can you adjust? Your heart is a non-linear consciousness. Knowing all about You. Yet, if our ego can’t keep in step with our hearts, it creates an emotional turbulence in our lives. This emotional turbulence creates an undercurrent of stress and anxiety to our ego. So let’s help our egos stretch their sense of Self. And there is nothing better than our imagination to stretch our sense of Self. Imagine you walk into a DVD store. OK, DVD’s were old 10 years ago, I know. But just imagine with me. So, you walk into a DVD store. There are so many genres in the store. Narratives about archetypes playing out some narratives. And as you enter, you pause and reflect on your existing narratives, and the corresponding archetypes that you are playing…