Your Karmic Connection
Your past showing up in the present

When we all incarnated onto this Earth we entered a karmic classroom. Perhaps like no other classroom around this galaxy. The collective story that is playing out right now is the current chapter of this moment in our human history. This moment. Now.

What makes this lifetime so unique? You do. Well, it potentially offers you an opportunity for this lifetime to be like no other. The likelihood of your reading material, like this blog, is mostly non-existent in the past. In other words, the availability for humans to find conversations about our Divine potentials, was quite rare in the past. Unless you had access to sacred text, with only the original copy in existence, located at a single location on the Earth, then you would most likely never find out about your true Divine potentials.

But now, consciousness is a hot topic. Consciousness is a common topic in the new-thought communities. Divine Consciousness is such a HUGE potential within you now. So huge, that we can only point to it with words. That language itself cannot even get close to accurately describing how it feels to embody the Light from within your BEing. Your ego is lost. Gone. Actually, everything goes away. When you find the Divine Light at your core, there is no-thing there. Not even a “you.” Pure consciousness is Light.

If you were to (carefully) move your gaze closer and closer to an illuminated light bulb, there is a point when nothing becomes visible. Where the only thing your eyes see is an infinite, bright field of Light. That is perhaps the most accurate way to simulate the Divine consciousness within you now. And from the actual field of Divine Light within you, ALL of creation is an extension of that non-local consciousness. In other words, all that is comes from that very same point. All the galaxies in the night sky. The billions of earths orbiting the trillions of stars in the night sky and all of the creation that is happening on them. All of the personas out there, stem from the Light that is also within You now.

Enter Karma. Ka – ka – ka – karma ; – ) Can you do it? Will you do it? There is an opportunity to transcend your karma. In this lifetime. On this planet. Your karma is your own consciousness from the past that has created a karmic momentum of sorts. To cleanse the karmic imprinting from your past is what will set you free to create whatever you truly desire to create. When you cleanse your karmic connection, you(re) awakening the Divine Alchemist within you now.

We have talked about the Power behind consciousness. Power, in and of itself, is a difference of potential. In this case, human potential. The thing about planet Earth, is that the humans walking around on this planet are living in a huge difference of potentials. Human potentials. Enter you. Are you a dreamer? Have you honed your ability to dream? Dream of Love. Dream of Heaven. Dream of the most authentic and delightful vision of what living a life as a Divine human BEing on a planet could look like. Our ancestors have dreamt of and prayed for the return to Heaven.

We know what the mechanics of manifestation are. We know what the mechanics of imagination and dreaming are. The rest is a sort of self-discipline. Can you do it? Will you do it? Can you dream of Heaven? Will you become able to embody unconditional Love within your personal energy persona in THIS lifetime? Purity is the key. Pure Authentic You. New Human(s) Living.

Love You



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