Going Up!
Raising Your Consciousness

Where are you going? What do you want out of your life? What gets you excited about your future?

There is an awakening going on. An entire planet is awakening at some level. There are those people on this planet that will experience a complete and total transformation of themselves. And there are no limits to what that can look like.

We are awakening to our own Divinity. Awakening to the Divine Consciousness within us now. To really honor that, takes some daydreaming. It takes some serious silly-ness. Silly? Well … Yes.

We have been told what life is about. For the most part, it is all a story. A story of one single possibility. Single in the sense that the world we were raised on is just ONE example of what is possible. Our history has very large institutions that have spanned many generations. For example. We, for the most part, have tried a single-model financial system. A single symbol currency. Here in America, the dollar. And then we hang everything in our life around the almighty dollar. A single currency.

Karma 101 says monolithic structures are a karmic trainwreck. A currency based on a single symbol is a karmic trainwreck. History has shown us great depressions. Economic depletions of entire economies. We hang everything on the dollar, and then we gamble over the value of the dollar. Karmic insanity at best. Whenever there is ANY system where the outcome affects huge parts of the population, it is a karmic club of sorts.

To see the nature of what is … as silly … is a doorway to see a better way. We, as legions of Old Souls, have set ourselves up for a golden era. We have set ourselves up to experience the biggest transformation of planetary paradigms that perhaps has ever existed. We are coming out of perhaps some of the darkest karma around.

Enter Love. What would Love do? How would Love arrange an economy? What kind of resilience would a Loving economy look like? Perhaps the importance of such a system would be the humans. The human BEings. What if you never gave our currency a single thought? What if it was our own personal passions that we placed the most “value” on? When you got up in the morning, you would engage your passion, and not give the “how” it would come about a single worry. Where your attention was centered and tuned IN to the inspiration of your Soul? Wow! Pow!

You are here for a reason. I have seen a vision for many years. Legions of sages, mystics, alchemists and saviors coming out of the common folks. From all walks of life. From every corner of the world. Our Souls have put so much in our spiritual escrow, that the path is loaded with everything we need to succeed. To restore Heaven on Earth. You will feel your own flavor of heaven when you tune in to your life purpose. And fulfill it with unconditional Love for all that is … as it is … right now. Dare you dream of Heaven? Dare you fulfill the bigger visions that your Soul has been showing you? Pure Authentic You!

Love YOU! That’s Who!



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