For the Joy of Loving
How do you make Love?

What are the ingredients? Where do you look to find Love?

Love is the root of consciousness itself. More specifically, Unconditional Love.

So imagine this… The automotive engineer has been working on a new design. For a new suspension system for a car. She has been dreaming of how well she can make a car hug the road in a sharp turn. How solid could it feel? How tight could it turn and still feel solid? A passionate pursuit of perfection.

So imagine this… The race car driver has been looking for ways to do it better. Looking for a way to race at an even higher performance level. Where can the new possibilities be found? What is possible?

The car itself is a vehicle. A vehicle of Love. 😉

It is a physical vessel of Love to be carried from one place to another. So is a painting. A song. A poem too.

Love wants to Love.

Your essence is Love. Unconditional Love. Your Soul loves you without exception. Without condition. You as you. Right now and always.

Enter your ego. Does your ego know how to Love? Or does judgment and bias get in the way? Or how about feelings? What do we do when feelings get in the way? The curious thing about Love is sex. Sex. Wait… what?

How can Sex be a vehicle of Love? Well this is getting interesting… Certainly there can be sex without Love. But bring in Love, conscious Love, and everything changes. I suggest to you that sex, more specifically sacred sex, can be a VERY POWERFUL tool for awakening.You could even say Sexual Enlightenment. Sex as a pathway to Enlightenment. Very sacred sex indeed.

The thing is… conscious sex can be difficult for people to engage in. To engage in the practice of tantra is to come face to face with your own shadow(s). With your own subconscious. And thus… tantra is a very powerful tool to break new ground in your spiritual journey.

Your body isn’t you. Not really. Not the timeless you. Where were the atoms that make up your body right now… when your parents were “making” you? How different is THIS body of yours compared to the body you had in your last lifetime? How many different bodies has your soul embodied over your many lifetimes here on Earth?

Your body, in some aspects, is very impersonal. This body of yours is the vehicle of this lifetime. It is your karmic canvas. It is the vehicle through which you will feel your life. The vehicle of ascension. It is where you will feel Joy. When you allow it to love and be loved. When you feel Love upon your body, that is the doorway of eternity in this moment. Give yourself permission to let go, and slip away into the sacred place where Lover, Loving and Loved… become One.

Love You!



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