As It Is
Learning to Love all that is … as it is

We are here as creators. It is a role we cannot “do without.” The process of creation is always active. Consciousness has its effect.

Your freedom is more important than what others are thinking or doing. Often we can observe something that is happening in the collective storyline, and find ourselves offended or upset. When we think about “who” it is that is being offended, we find ourselves pointing to our ego. To the expectations we hold for what should, or should not, be happening.

In the journey to master the art of creation, is to be able to stay centered in the field of Unconditional Love at the core of our BEing. Your relationship with your POWER to create is your relationship with ALL that has been created. Even the “bad” stuff. When we look with our eyes and see things that show the pain and suffering of humanity, it can be very easy to drop into a state of judgment and disgust. Truly this planet has some very dark karma. And obviously it is IN the realm of “permission” from the God on high. Or it wouldn’t exist.

We are given fierce free will on this planet. We are able to create every manor of suffering and pain that is possible. And, for the most part, we have done just that. Every manor of pain and suffering has passed through the process of creation. Into physical form.

Karmic cleanup, planet Earth.

We are living, perhaps, in the most advanced classroom of loving in our galaxy. TO be in the storm, and hold the consciousness of Unconditional Love. That perhaps is the most challenging test of the ability to love that there is. TO be able to love … all that is … as it is.

This is the classroom that your soul chose for you to incarnate into in this lifetime of yours. And … and … behind this paradigm is a gift too. Yes, the extreme density of this karmic quagmire has a gift. There are millions and even billions of humans desiring a change. Desiring a better connection to the truth. A better connection to Love. And here you are now.

There is an energetic element to the extreme differential of consciousness on this planet. You will FEEL it as you hold the place of Love within you as you walk through the storm. When you can be the consciousness of Love within the storm itself, then Divine Love will flow through YOU into the collective consciousness. You will be the vessel of Divine Love.

And THAT feeling is like no other. That feeling is Divine Love incarnate. You can’t have that same feeling on a different planet with less karma. You can’t have that feeling if you lived on a planet already immersed in Love. For it is the difference in consciousness that allows the flow of consciousness. In you. Through You. As you.

If you drop into judgment of what is … you collapse the difference of consciousness. And the flow lessens. The lesson is to stay in Unconditional Love, no matter what. Can you love all that is … as it is?

You Lover You.

Love You



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