What is Your True Divine Potential?

What is your measuring stick? How do you compare yourself with your true Divine potentials? What is REALLY possible in this physical form?

… have you noticed … I ask a lot of questions?! Why it that? lol

The curious thing is how we compare ourselves. How do we compare? … to what?

We are Divinity incarnate. We are Source Consciousness personified. It is virtually impossible to describe your potential with words… Ever. Using ALL the words there are.

The really powerful thing about living on Earth right now is knowledge. It really wasn’t that long ago when the notion of knowing your own Divinity was unheard of. Where the power of Divine consciousness wasn’t known by the masses. When, if you wanted to communicate with someone in a foreign land, you wrote your correspondence on a piece of paper and gave it to a man on a horse. Where the relay of mail was by the Pony Express. It would take weeks for your message to arrive. Traveling across the ocean on a boat. Newspapers were not established. Word-of-mouth was the prominent form of communications.

Enter Now. Pow! You can, during your first cup of coffee, peruse information from all over the world. You can instantly chat or even video-chat with anyone on the planet that really wants to. You can watch educational videos from some of the leaders in our human potentials. You can review the latest research papers from just about all the universities in the world. You are living in a time where a thing in your pocket (your smartphone) can answer just about any question that you can come up with … in seconds flat.

As a result of that … the proverbial bar has been raised.

There is a process to manifestation. And there are underlying mechanics to the way the universe works. And you are poised to have it all. There is a new mythology that is being written. And it blows away the scale of our human potential from the past. Even the greatest personas that have ever walked the Earth will have to take a back seat in this next chapter of our human history. Well, enough chatter, let’s take a glimpse of what I’m talking about.

I know you may have an opinion on who I am about to talk about. About the person I am about to describe. I have felt so many people roll their eyes when I talk about him. I don’t care. You may emotionally re-act to the story I’m about to tell you. So be it. But woven in the story is a BIG paradigm that is playing out. A HUGE paradigm that is unfolding before us now.

There is an individual on this planet that intends to move one-million people to Mars. To colonize a planet. All the kings of all the nations on Earth have never marched forward with such a bold plan. That same individual is clearly the strongest single persona that is bringing electric cars into our everyday lives. And then there is the hyperloop (underground bullet trains) transportation systems he is bringing into creation. Oh, forgive me, I left out the part where he turned the rocket industry on its head. Where the previous leader, NASA, would make Ferraris, hand-built rockets, and throw them away after a single launch. Where they would make the most expensive rockets on the planet, and use them once.

This guy who I am talking about, Elon Musk, is already making the rockets re-usable. And he is making them for a fraction of the cost of the “big boys.” A single rocket can make many flights in just a few months. Never heard of in the past. Moving space travel into a totally different price bracket (much cheaper) than whole industries have ever done. We are talking about a single person here.

If we were to put on the table a conservative value on what this man is marching forward with, a conservative amount would easily be 10-trillion dollars of visions. That is ten-thousand-billion dollars of vision that is moving forward every day. And he doesn’t even purport to be a “spiritual” man. So I ask you … what is point one percent of that conservative number?

Enter Divine Love. God/Goddess. The All-That-Is.

There is a huge desire in the heart of humanity. There is a massive yearning for a new story. A new paradigm. And Divine Love needs flesh and bones to bring it about. Source consciousness is recruiting. Looking for open-hearted humans to step up to the plate. Do you have flesh and bones? Could you be the vessel of the transformation of our human story? At least at point-one percent of your Divine potential?

Ask Divine Mother to whisper a dream into your ear. Ask Divine Feminine to tell you a dream of what is possible for your life. And then ask Divine Father how to bring it about. And then believe in yourself. At least to fulfill point-one percent of your true Divine Potential. Oh hell, why not aim bigger. Much bigger! Live ALL of your potential. Kick Some Divine ASS!

Love You!



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