Who ARE You … really?

When your Soul was born … you had no karma. And you had no relationships with any-thing. No experiences to hone your own personal preferences. A rookie to the human experience…

Fast forward through a few hundred or even thousands of lifetimes incarnate.

Now you have karma. And you have relationships too. You have a personality of preferences as well.

By Divine plan. You, in flesh and bones, are the Creator incarnate. The Creator incarnate. You are a point of presence of the Divine. God Consciousness with flesh and bones. We are here for the human experience.

You have to have a ticket. Your ticket is your body. This whole holodeck of Divine consciousness is for the experiences of BEing. It is God’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom of Heaven. In fact, you already ARE it. Heaven exists within you now. Right Now.

God does not desire for the future. That is to say … God, the big guy, does NOT sculpt the direction of humanity from a throne on high. God defers the future to the human beings. The desires of the humans. The desires of incarnate Divinity.

You can manifest from two fundamental places. Ego, and Soul. The ego is easily deceived. The ego weighs every-thing against a symbol-table of sorts. The ego is a symbol processor. It quantifies every-thing it sees. The ego wants to survive. The ego wants to only make choices that ensure its continuation. Yet you did not have an ego when you were born. You were all Soul-consciousness.

Your Heart and Soul see beyond the physical. Your Heart and Soul can transcend the mythology of our past. And bring a vision of Heaven into your consciousness. Your consciousness. You. You ARE the vehicle of Divine desires. That is right. God desires through you … as you. Your consciousness is the perfect intention of God sculpting the future of humanity. We ALL are the sculptors of our future.

If we leave that to our egos we will very slowly go no-where. WE are witnessing ego effect. The storyline of humanity has been written from our egos of the past. You have to bring your ego around. You don’t really. You don’t HAVE to do anything. But… But… if you are reading this blog, I suggest to you, your Soul wants a human vehicle. Your Soul wants to hold the reins of your life. But only if you offer them. Only if your ego chooses to surrender to the vision of your soul. To embody the desires of your Soul is perhaps the dream itself. Soul-Level Living. Your ego cannot comprehend what that REALLY means. Your ego has to trust if you are really going to offer your life to your Soul.

Soul-level living is just starting to come on to the scene. There are very few that do it very well. But the tide is rising. There will be legions of Souls that get to drive the human vehicle completely and totally. Where the enlightened egos understand that the most crazy fun and adventurous life is the ego’s reward to surrendering to the vision of the Soul. Your Soul. The Vision of your Soul fulfilled. Uncommon authenticity. Pure Authentic You!

New Human Living is here to help you do just that! My my … Divinity sure looks good on YOU!

Love You!



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