Love Is Looking For Volunteers

You do have free will

Love is looking. Looking for volunteers.

I find it curious how Love will leave you alone. Well, not alone. You ARE Love now. There is no-thing outside of Love. Love is the fabric of the universe.

But back to you. Love will leave you alone. Like … not bother you. Like, let you wander around in the arena of ego until the end of time. Even if your Soul chose a life-path of you being an ambassador to Love. Once you incarnate … and forget everything … your ego is given a choice. Always a choice. Your ego can decide to abandon your life-path. How curious is that?

Your Soul stocks your Divine escrow with everything you will need. Your angels and guides have the map in front of them. Ready to guide you throughout your entire life. And … never mind. The ego wants to run the show… Wow. Free will is absolute!

Love is looking for Volunteers. Volunteers! YOU have to want to. (You don’t HAVE to … see previous dialogue ; – )

If. If. IF you WANT to… Everything changes. Everything changes once we decide to engage the art of Loving. And it can take a lifetime to honor what Love has to offer. Love E-X-P-A-N-D-S as you “spend” it. Always ready for more!

To be able to embody Love is perhaps the big score. The big win. To embody Love is to clean out your karma. To release the karmic consciousness from your past. All of the energy that is stored in your subconscious. Jesus was able to radiate Light itself. The Light of Love. And he said you will do everything he has done… And more.

You can radiate Light. You ARE Light. The return to (embodying) Light is the journey back to Heaven. The Heaven that is within you now.

Purity is the realm of the Sages, Mystics and Alchemists. What’s in your life path?

Love You!



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