The Power of Love

What does Love have to offer us?

What does Love have for us? How good can you stand it? How much Love can you embody?

Let’s look “down” the karmic scale. This is an imagined example …

So, a child that has lived in the most horrid conditions its whole life comes into your life. From a life where everything was volatile. Food, clothing, shelter … the basics of life were an everyday struggle. Certainly this planet has countless arenas of such suffering.

And Poof! The child is elevated to your lifestyle.

Everything changes when the child enters your lifestyle. You have food. You have shelter. You have everything you need to sustain your life. You offer the child fresh, clean water. Food abounds. The richness of your life is such an unimaginable experience to a child that had never known such a way to live life. To the child it is unfathomable that this type of life even exists.

So, we have taken a “virtual” gander at two points in the scale of human consciousness.

Now, let’s imagine … going up! Let’s imagine the perspective of our human experience from a much higher level of Divine consciousness. Perhaps from the perspective of an ascended master, or even the Archangels. Or even from God/Goddess’s perspective. From the root of creation itself. Where infinite possibilities abound.

From that higher perspective of Love, your life, my life, our lives … are seen as severely limited paradigms of Love. All of our human experiences on this planet are an example of a human culture that has struggled through hundreds and perhaps even thousands of generations, with pain, suffering and struggle. If you think we have a healthy relationship with Love … just start talking about Love directly. Bluntly. Openly … and see how people react. Or more commonly … don’t react.

If your higher self magically appeared in a form your ego could clearly communicate with … and showed you a vision of what your life could be … anchored in unconditional Love for yourself … your ego would be dumbstruck. Just like that child who had only known struggle, suddenly being able to walk into your kitchen and have so many choices of food. Each day … every day.

Imagination is powerful. Love is power-full. To truly Love yourself is to open up to the vision that unconditional Love has for your life. This life. Our egos tend to be the most common deflectors of Love.

And another powerful aspect of our human demeanor is our karma. That unresolved karmic energy held in our own subconscious.

To be bold enough to commit to Love … to commit to Loving yourself … is an endless journey of expansion. Without end. You can be the vehicle of unconditional Love on a planet that knows nothing of what Love has to offer us. And if you do this … if you master the art of embodying unconditional Love for all that is … your ego will be filled with wonder, joy and deep gratitude all the days of your life. But only if you choose.

Love to you on this day.




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