Fun Is … What Fun Does

What would your inner child want to do?

Some spiritual teachers are the walking dead. IF they smiled … their faces would crack. All OM’y and serene. I get that. There IS an ocean of peace that has so much to offer us.

But what the hell? Really?

There are mechanics of ascension. Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical modalities of healing. The process of healing itself.

And then there is walking on the moon. Or breaking the sound barrier … by skydiving in only a space suit. Or …

Come to me as a child … the God/Goddess whispered. Empty of motive or intent. Like children playing. No particular path to follow.

Our inner child is a very important part of who we are. IF our inner child isn’t in the consciousness of our everyday living, well then, we might as well be in a cave in the mountains … just meditating. OM… OM… OM…

What would your inner child love to do? Do you have arenas of Joy in your life?

There are two of you … kind of.

There is the adult you, who can make BIG things happen. Like the great adventure of walking on the moon. The adult handles the logistics. The one who buys the motorcycle, or kite, or ice cream cone. And then there is an inner child that enjoys the adventure.

Your inner child is the essence of you. The you who was there before the adult got all grown up. You didn’t have an “adult” until you lived in the world for a couple of decades. But the inner child was always there. But now … you have both.

Take the time to re-connect with your inner child. What would your inner child like to do? What adventures would it enjoy going on?  We are here on Earth for the human experience. Yes, please … practice the art of enlightenment. But don’t leave your inner child in the dark. Bring it along …

Love YOU!



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