Flex Your Creative Muscles

Capturing the inspirations of the moment

Your body is the vehicle of your Soul. That is to say, your Soul has no physical attributes of its own, at least not until it incarnates into form. Your body is the vehicle of your Soul. Your body is running automatically. Your ego does not have to think about digesting your food, telling your heart to have another beat, or taking your next breath. Just like the breath you are taking right now. It is kind of like a self-driving car.

But wait … too late … crash.

Our self-living body has a driver too. Well, at least a driver’s seat. Our body can be driven by our Soul, or it can be “taken over” by our ego. Your body did not have an ego driving when you were born. Your Soul was driving your body on day one.

But, day by day, you grew an ego. Slowly over time, you started to accumulate a “sense of self.” Your ego was raised by your family of origin. Your ego is, by its very nature, a symbol-processor. Symbols are the currency of the ego/mind. And we assign values to each and every symbol. We ASSIGN the value. WE, the ego side of us, decide a value, and then we assign it to the symbols of the “things” in our life. The beginning of the end of our true power. Our egos, left unchecked, will gladly consume all of our consciousness. Will gladly choose all of our thoughts. Will gladly keep us anchored in the karmic momentum of our past.

… When Divine Mother and Divine Father were lying in bed having a smoke, after another most impressive “sensual escapade,” Divine Mother thought to herself, what else is possible? ;- )

The undefined aspect of the Divine Feminine. The entry point of creation itself. Perhaps that is why (some) men see the woman dynamic as “moody, hyper-sensitive, and unpredictable.” And perhaps that is why an “empty” man, that is to say a man without any attachment to his sense of self, is so elusive to the feminine. Yet it is the shapeshifter or court jester archetypes that hold the most potential in the moment. The more you anchor your sense of self, the less flexible you are to follow the infinite potentials of the moment. The more symbols you hold in your self-identity, the more your ego is attached to particular choices and outcomes … by becoming no-thing, you allow for every-thing. By becoming empty, you become full.

The undefined aspect of the Divine Feminine has no symbols. An infinite field of no-thing. And it is from this field of infinite possibilities that ALL THINGS are possible. To the ego, this is where “miracles” come from. To the ego, there is no-thing to see or choose. There are no symbols to interact with. Yet our Souls know very well how to create from the infinite possibilities of our true Divine potentials. Our Soul is expert at how to manifest miracles.

It is our egos that consume our potentials without providing any new outcomes. It is our egos that keep us living in a karmic momentum of sorts.

Imagination is the medicine for how our egos dilute us. Inspiration from our Soul is the doorway to new outcomes and new paradigms. Yet, how many times during our day does a non-linear thought, that comes from our Soul, get any traction? How many moments of inspiration from our Soul do we actually harvest? Honoring that  inspiration with actual actions? Every time that we DO that, we are flexing our creation muscles. We are completing the cycle of Soul-level creation.

By teaching our ego the immense value of surrendering our moment-by-moment thoughts, and tuning IN to the infinite stream of inspiration that comes to us, we are strengthening our ability to create. By flexing that creative muscle, we are giving the higher wisdom of our Soul the consciousness with which to run. Our ego is no longer consuming all of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

To really get good at this, would be to create seeming miracles moment to moment all throughout our day.

Divine potentials revealed.

What inspiration from your Soul are you going to get today?

Love You!




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